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What is Airtel Black

USP of the Airtel Black Rewards program

To survive in the modern era, you need a plethora of devices to keep yourself connected to the rest of the world. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, televisions, gaming consoles – all these are only a few. There can be many more. Well, we can safely assume that they play a major role in our daily lives.

Work from home, online learning, watching movies, exploring latest recipes on social media – these are some of the things we do on our devices. Now, managing our day to day activities, along with professional and personal commitments is already a challenge.

Nobody likes drowning in a heap of bills

Paying your multiple bills at the end of each and every month can be a really tiresome activity. After all, you have to deal with so many bills. You have the broadband connection bill, prepaid or postpaid bills for everyone in the family and a DTH connection.

Don’t you wish that there was one single plan for all the connections that you had? A single bill that you had to pay at the end of each month? A single bill that would take care of all the connections that you use? Well, it may sound too good be true, but that is exactly what Airtel Black aims to do for you.

What is the use of Airtel Black?

We at Airtel have understood that paying so many bills for multiple services can end up exhausting you, mentally and physically. So, we decided, why not roll out a single plan that accounts for everything at once? This way, you can relax when it comes to paying bills at the end of every month. You can sit back and stay focused on other activities, while we take manage your multiple connections, and present you with a single bill.

To become an Airtel Black customer, all you have to do is combine an existing Airtel service with another. There are multiple plans for you to choose from – dth and broadband combo, dth postpaid plan, black fiber plan and more. Moreover, if you deem that the available plans are not exactly matching your requirements, you can always opt to choose a customised plan.

With Airtel Black, we have gone the extra step to ensure that the customer is and remains the king. Airtel Black is a plan made to fulfil you and all your wishes.

The Airtel Black rewards

Airtel Black rewards program is exclusively available to Airtel Black users. Switch to Airtel Black and experience these rewards today itself.

With Airtel Black Rewards Program, get your issues on resolved on priority

For our Airtel Black customers, we focus on exclusive priority resolution. This way, our Black customers can go on with the rest of their day with minimal fuss. We focus on helping you solve any of your issues, when it comes to your Black plans, dth, postpaid or broadband connections.

A single helpline for everything Airtel under Airtel Black Rewards Program

Airtel Black customers are given a single helpline which will help them sort out everything. So, if you are facing any issues with any of your services, just call on one number. Gone are the days when you had to find out specific phone numbers for specific connections. Just make the call on the one number provided to you and our representative will get in touch with you in an instant. All this with Airtel Black Rewards Program!

Tired of being put on hold? No more!

With Airtel Black, you can now say goodbye to long waiting times when you call our call centres. We will now pick up your calls in less than a single minute. Basically, there is now practically zero waiting time whenever you want to reach out to an Airtel executive.

Get service visits free of cost

Yes, you read that perfectly right. As an Airtel Black customer, you will get free service visits whenever needed. Technical problems are unavoidable at times, but now you need not pay for them any longer. Isn’t that so great?

Moreover, you will now also get to enjoy zero installation costs. So go ahead, order the dth postpaid plan or black fiber plan or any of the other ones for a premium Airtel Black experience and be a part of Airtel Black Rewards Program.

In addition, if you get a new Airtel broadband connection, you will get Airtel Black’s fixed plans completely free for 30 days. You can also avail a broadband installation waiver on new fiber and Xstream box connections.

To conclude, Airtel Black is synonymous with convenience. By ensuring that you only have to pay a single bill at the of every month, we have made bill payments far easier than before. Add to that, you get a world class customer service team just for yourself, and the promise of Airtel.

Become an Airtel Black customer right away!