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What is Airtel Black

What is Airtel Black? All You Need to Know About India’s First All-in-one Plan!


Bharti Airtel Limited, better known by the mononym “Airtel” is India’s leading premier telecommunication solutions provider. In July 2021, the brand launched a unique, all-in-one plan for homes called Airtel Black. Many users have already joined the plan and are reaping the exclusive benefits of being an Airtel Black customer.

However, if you’re still wondering ‘What Is Airtel Black?’, we’re here to answer all your questions. So, without further ado, let us dive deep and understand more about Airtel Black, the various plans under it, the benefits of getting an Airtel Black connection and more.

What Is Airtel Black?

Today, every household needs a high-speed internet connection to work on, an all-inclusive DTH pack to relax and unwind with, and a seamless connection for mobile networks. But nobody wants to deal with the hassle of managing multiple bills and their various billing cycles. That’s why Airtel came up with a plan to combine all these services into a single bill.

Airtel Black is India’s first-ever all-in-one solution for homes. It seamlessly combines postpaid mobile services, direct-to-home (DTH), and fiber services under one umbrella to elevate the consumer’s experience with Airtel.

This integrated service offers various fixed bundle and soft bundle plans along with exclusive platinum benefits to go with it. Moreover, users can also combine any new service with their existing plan and get the first 30 days absolutely free! What more could you ask for!

Airtel Black Plans

As mentioned earlier, Airtel Black offers a wide range of all-in-one plans in various combinations. While some focus on DTH and postpaid, some combine postpaid and fiber. Check out Airtel Black’s fixed bundle plans:

Airtel Black 998 Plan
Airtel Black 1098 Plan
Airtel Black 1598 Plan
Airtel Black 2099 Plan
2 Postpaid Connections 1 Postpaid Connection with 75 GB data 2 Postpaid Connections with 105 GB data 3 Postpaid Connections with 260 GB data
1 Fiber+Landline connection 1 Fiber+Landline Connection 1 Fiber+Landline Connection
1 DTH Connection
1 Year Amazon Prime Video Subscription 1 Year Amazon Prime Video Subscription and Disney+Hotstar 1 Year Amazon Prime Video Subscription, Disney+Hotstar 1 Year Amazon Prime Video Subscription and Disney+Hotstar
1 Year of Airtel Xstream App 1 Year of Airtel Xstream App 1 Year of Airtel Xstream App

Apart from these fixed plans, Airtel also offers some soft bundle plans for their customers. This means that you can now make your own plan by combining two or more services and enjoy all the benefits of Airtel Black. With every customized plan, if you add a new service, you can get 1st month free for the said service!

Benefits of Airtel’s All-in-one Plan

Along with the amazing combination packages, Airtel Black is also known for offering some of the best perks in the industry. Listed below are some Airtel Black benefits:

  1. Airtel Black combines all your services into a single bill, which means you don’t have to worry about multiple bills anymore.
  2. No need to dial different call centers for different services as you can get any issues related to all Airtel Black services resolved at one call center.
  3. You also get a dedicated relationship team with call pick-ups in 60 seconds and priority resolution of any issues related to Airtel Black services.
  4. No more paying for service visits as Airtel Black gives you a lifetime of free service visits from our experts.
  5. Airtel Black offers flexible plans unlike any of its competitors, integrating all your connections into one. This means you can also combine your family, friends and loved ones’ connections into a single bill.
  6. Get unlimited entertainment with Airtel Xstream Box at nominal rates.

How To Get Airtel Black

Loved our proposition? Then don’t waste your time waiting. Get the Airtel Black connection in a few simple steps. You could either avail this service offline by visiting an Airtel store or get the service online through Airtel’s official website as well as the Airtel Thanks app.

Simply choose the all-in-one plan you like or make your own plan by bundling your existing services. Now fill in your details and an Airtel executive will reach out to you with further steps.

Note that this service is exclusive to Airtel postpaid customers. However, if you’re an Airtel prepaid customer or you have a different service provider altogether, you can always port to Airtel postpaid and enjoy the benefits of Airtel Black.

To know more visit, https://www.airtel.in/airtel-black.

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