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What Is Call Forwarding In Airtel

What Is Call Forwarding In Airtel?

Today, when we live entirely around technology, can you imagine yourself being not connected? Certainly not! It is important to stay connected as the phone has become a significant part of our lives. Whether you are busy at work, travelling, or simply unable to answer your phone, missing important calls can be frustrating. That’s where call forwarding comes into play. A service offered by Airtel, call forwarding ensures that you never miss a call, no matter where you are. In this guide, we will understand what call forwarding is, how it works, its benefits, and how you can set it up on your Airtel phone.

What is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding is a telecommunications feature that allows you to redirect incoming calls from one phone number to another. Instead of the call being directed to your primary phone, it is forwarded to a secondary number of your choice. This secondary number could be another mobile number, a landline, or even a voicemail service. Call forwarding ensures that you can receive important calls even when you’re unavailable on your primary phone.

How Does Call Forwarding Work?

Call forwarding operates through the network infrastructure of your telecommunications provider, in this case, Airtel. When someone calls your primary phone number, the Airtel network recognizes that call forwarding is enabled for that number. It then reroutes the incoming call to the designated secondary number based on the forwarding settings you’ve configured. This process typically occurs seamlessly in the background, ensuring that callers are unaware that their call has been forwarded.

Types of Call Forwarding

Airtel offers different types of call forwarding options to suit various preferences and situations:

Forward Unconditional (CFU): Also known as unconditional call forwarding, this setting forwards all incoming calls directly to the designated secondary number without any conditions or criteria.

Forward When Busy (CFB): With this option, incoming calls are forwarded to the secondary number only when your primary phone is busy with another call.

Forward When Unanswered (CFNA): If you don’t answer your primary phone within a specified number of rings or within a certain time frame, incoming calls are automatically forwarded to the secondary number.

Forward When Unreachable (CFNR): In case your primary phone is unreachable, such as when it’s turned off or out of network coverage, calls are forwarded to the secondary number.

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Benefits of Call Forwarding

Call forwarding offers several benefits that enhance communication and convenience:

Never Miss Important Calls: Whether you’re in a meeting, driving, or simply unable to answer your phone, call forwarding ensures that you can still receive important calls on another device.

Improved Accessibility: Call forwarding makes you more accessible to clients, colleagues, friends, and family members, enhancing your availability and responsiveness.

Flexibility and Mobility: Call forwarding enables you to stay connected even when you’re on the move. You can redirect calls to your mobile phone, ensuring that you’re reachable regardless of your location.

Efficient Call Management: By directing calls to different numbers based on specific conditions, such as availability or call status, call forwarding helps you manage your incoming calls more efficiently.

Setting Up Call Forwarding on Airtel

Activating call forwarding on your Airtel phone is a straightforward process. You can either use the following steps or directly visit the Airtel Thanks app to set up call forwarding:

Dial the Call Forwarding Code: Depending on the type of call forwarding you want to set up (unconditional, busy, unanswered, or unreachable), dial the corresponding code on your Airtel phone.

  • For unconditional call forwarding: 21*SecondaryNumber#
  • For call forwarding when busy: 67*SecondaryNumber#
  • For call forwarding when unanswered: 61*SecondaryNumber#
  • For call forwarding when unreachable: 62*SecondaryNumber#

Enter the Secondary Number: Replace “SecondaryNumber” with the phone number to which you want your calls forwarded.

Press the Call Button: After entering the code and secondary number, press the call button on your phone. You should see a confirmation message indicating that call forwarding has been successfully activated.

Verify Call Forwarding: To ensure that call forwarding is working correctly, test it by calling your primary phone number from another device. The call should be automatically redirected to the secondary number you specified.

Deactivating Call Forwarding: If you no longer need call forwarding, you can deactivate it by dialling the corresponding code for cancellation:

  • To cancel unconditional call forwarding: ##21#
  • To cancel call forwarding when busy: ##67#
  • To cancel call forwarding when unanswered: ##61#
  • To cancel call forwarding when unreachable: ##62#

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Call forwarding is a valuable feature offered by Airtel that ensures you never miss important calls. Whether you’re busy, travelling, or simply unable to answer your phone, call forwarding keeps you connected with your contacts. Airtel also offers amazing prepaid and postpaid plans to suit your data and call requirements.

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