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is spam call dangerous

Understanding the Risks of Answering Spam Calls

There was a time when mobile phones or landline phones were not easily available to the common man. Those were the days when people had no mobile addiction, sleep disturbances, or other phone related OCDs. However, with the advent of the internet, things have changed at an unprecedented rate. Today, we all have smartphones in our hands that have become an indispensable part of our lives.

But, the increasing use of mobile phones, spam calls, otherwise called robocalls, have become a serious concern for users. It is because these spam calls are not only used for mass advertising of a product or service, but also to steal your personal information, money, or any other confidential data. Receiving these calls can lead to serious consequences such as fraud, reputation damage, virus infection, and more.

Hence, it is of utmost importance that you are aware of spam calls, what happens if you answer a spam call, etc. So, let’s understand in detail about spam calls, how to avoid them, and what are the risks involved.

What is a Spam Call? Is Spam Call dangerous?

It is generally an unsolicited call or communication over the phone that has been done to scam you into buying things or to retrieve some personal information from you. It is also done to spread malware in your phone system. These spam calls are usually automated phone calls and are made to large number of people at the same time.

But is it dangerous to answer spam calls? Well, the intention of these calls is to gather personal information and scam money out of you, and hence, it is extremely threatening and harmful. That’s why, organizations and governments around the world have listed it as a serious crime.

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Risks of Answering Spam Calls

Is a spam call dangerous? Yes. There are several risks involved when you answer a spam call on your phone. Here, we list down the top risks of answering spam calls. Take a look at it and beware of what needs to be done.

Identity Theft

The identity thief would scam personal data, such as name, address, bank account details, social security number, etc., out of you. And then this information gathered can be used for a variety of purposes including financial losses, legal problems, and more.

Malware Infection

Spam calls are also made sometimes to inject malware or viruses into your phone. This can seriously breach your phone security and reveal your personal information to others.

Financial Fraud

Imagine you get a call where the person or the robot on the other side is asking you to share your bank account details so that you can win the lottery, get investment opportunities, etc. In case, if you fall for such calls, you would be giving out your money.

Phone Hijacking

Several spam calls can also hijack your phone and this could result in a serious situation as someone else would gain control of your phone. They can make unauthorized calls, messages, transactions, or do anything.

Psychological Impact

Spam calls can also affect you psychologically in many ways. You could feel anxious, or if you have given out your information, you could be badly affected by stress.

Wastage of time

It is also a waste of time because these spam calls are of no use to you. It can interrupt your personal or professional life, which eventually may affect your productivity and daily routine.

So, these are some of the potential risks associated with answering spam calls on your phone. But worry not, as there are ways to avoid these robocalls and keep your data and yourself, safe and secure.

How to Avoid Dangerous Spam Calls?

Now that we have established that a spam call is dangerous, here are the top ways to avoid spam calls and keep yourself safe:

  • Use call-blocking apps that would automatically block spam calls and numbers with a high frequency of calls
  • Opt for the Do Not Call Registry that will stop you from getting telemarketing calls
  • Do not share your phone number on the internet or with strangers unless you know your number will be safe
  • Download a caller ID app to know who is calling you so that you can avoid picking up unwanted calls. You can also report the number on the app
  • Refrain from providing your personal information or social security number to anyone anywhere

Register your Airtel mobile number for DND today!

If you are an Airtel customer with a prepaid or postpaid number, you can avoid spam calls by registering your number for DND service. Here’s you can go about it:

  • Visit Airtel’s DND website
  • Scroll down and click on the red tile section to proceed
  • Then, you will be asked to login with your Airtel mobile number and click on ‘Get OTP’
  • Enter the OTP (One Time Password) that you receive on your phone via SMS
  • On the new screen, select the ‘Stop All’ option and you’re good!

Airtel also has the option of activating DND service via SMS or call.

  1. Activate DND via SMS- Send a message ‘START 0’ on the number 1909 to enable DND
  2. Activate DND via phone call- Using your Airtel mobile number, make a call to the number 1909 and follow the instructions provided by the automated voice recorder

So, now that you understand what happens when you answer a spam call, it’s better you consider the above-mentioned steps and be cautious while receiving unknown/spam calls.

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