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UPI app in India

Here’s how to transfer money using Airtel Payments Bank’s NEFT option

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) has turned out as a blessing in recent years. This is simply because it eliminates the need to physically visit the bank, making it a less tedious process. You can conduct a NEFT transaction with a UPI app in India called Airtel Thanks.

When it comes to hassle-free NEFT transfers, Airtel Payments Bank, a leading payments app, allows every user to send and receive money electronically with relative ease.

Thus, let us help you understand the basics of Airtel Payments Banks and how to transfer money through NEFT on the app in detail below:

Understanding Airtel Payments Bank:

Launched in 2017, Airtel Payments Bank is India’s first digital payments bank that enables every customer to make online transactions. Our primary objective is to provide a trustworthy and hassle-free banking experience to people. It is a part of Airtel Thanks – UPI app in India.

Thus, you get to enjoy the following things as mentioned below:

  • Transfer money to any bank account in India through National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)
  • Open savings account and deposit cash at any of our banking points
  • Book bus or train tickets
  • Purchase an online debit card
  • Receive an interest rate of up to 6%
  • Buy third-party insurance products, etc.

To say the least, our digital payments bank is a one-stop resource for all your needs, especially instant money transfers. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with the app and send and receive online from anyone and anywhere.

When it comes to sending funds, it is important to follow our process to ensure hassle-free transfer. So, let us help you understand how to do NEFT transfer while sitting at home:

The process of NEFT fund transfer on Airtel Payments Bank is quite simple. It takes only a couple of minutes to do so.

Here are a few simple steps on how to do NEFT transfer by using the Airtel Thanks – UPI app in India or Airtel Payments Bank website:

  • Go to the ‘Banking’ section of Airtel Thanks or visit the Airtel Payments Bank website
  • Choose ‘Transfer Money’ from the options
  • Select ‘Transfer to the bank’
  • Enter and register the name of your beneficiary on the screen
  • Once done, transfer the money to anyone from anywhere without any hassle.

Transferring money online using Airtel Payments Bank with these above-mentioned steps has many benefits. It helps in saving time, providing security, easy access, and so forth.

So, come, let us know more about these advantages of NEFT fund transfer on Airtel Payments Bank in detail.

Note: Given that Airtel Thanks is a super app, it works as a UPI app in India and supports NEFT transactions too.

Safe and effective

You no longer have to worry about the security of your funds. All thanks to Airtel Payments Bank, It is a highly reliable method of sending and receiving payments online. Thus, it is considered the safest and most effective option for NEFT fund transfer from anywhere.

Rapid Settlement

Here’s the thing. NEFT fund transfer on Airtel Payments Bank is pretty quick. It usually takes up to two hours, making it one of the quickest ways to send and receive money online.

 Quick Confirmation

Now, if you’ve initiated an NEFT fund transfer on Airtel Payments Bank, they will send an SMS or an email confirming the details immediately after the transaction is successful. So, go through those details carefully to ensure everything is on-point.

Zero Charges

You no longer have to pay any additional charges on NEFT transfer. All thanks to the brand-new RBI guidelines! It has commanded every bank to withdraw the charges, which were previously imposed on the NEFT transfers.

24×7 Availability

Today, our customers can make NEFT transfers at any time of the day. Yes, that’s correct! This facility is available 24×7 throughout the year, including holidays.

No Transaction Limit

You can now make an NEFT fund transfer for any amount, big or small. Yes, you read that correctly! RBI hasn’t established any upper limit or lower limit on the NEFT transfer. But hey, see to it that you check with your bank about the same (just in case they have set any limits).

Multiple Payments

Besides NEFT transfer, the Airtel Thanks app also allows you to make other payments as mentioned below:

  • Mobile bill payments
  • Utility bill payments
  • Loan instalments
  • FASTag purchases and recharges
  • Mobile, broadband, and DTH recharge

With these benefits, NEFT transfers on Airtel Payments Bank have certainly become an simplest option for many people. The Airtel Thanks app is also a good UPI app in India. So, the only thing left to do here is to get started with our app to make your online transactions less tedious and hassle-free. Hurry!