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Upgrade your physical wallet into a mobile wallet

Rapidly advancing technology in an ever-increasing fast-moving world has created several new systems that benefit everyone. Adding to these, rapid internet as well as internet-based applications that support these developments have enabled companies to put the new age tech to everyone’s hands. Widespread adoption of smartphones has also played a key role. The role of digital wallets in this rapid growth is significant too. Customers are using these payments easily and get more done through these wallets.

However, if you haven’t used it before, you may be wondering what is mobile wallet? Read this blog to understand why mobile wallets are significantly better than a physical wallet.

What is mobile wallet?

Simply put, a mobile wallet is a digital extension of your physical wallet. The mobile wallet will give you all the benefits that a physical wallet provides, and some additional advantages as well.

Therefore, the increased financial flexibility that you get from a mobile wallet only makes your and everyone else’s lives easier.

So, is a mobile wallet better than a physical wallet?

There are several advantages when you have a digital wallet inside your smartphone, instead of the regular one that has to be carried physically at all times.

Some of these advantages that help mobile wallets stand out are as follows:

  1. You need not stand in long ATM queues anymore
  2. Send money to your loved ones effortlessly, from a remote location
  3. Make purchases simply by scanning a QR code
  4. Transactions are completed within a few seconds
  5. Cash exchanges are always successful, there is minimal failure rate
  6. Forget worrying about carrying change with you at all times
  7. Helps you to take part in the digital economy
  8. Makes online shopping easier, by facilitating instant payments in e-commerce portals
  9. In times of COVID, non-touch payments can also help you to maintain social distancing norms
  10. Helps you to avoid sharing sensitive details such as your bank account number, or card related information, every time you make a transaction in online platforms
  11. Provides a simple platform where you can track your daily transactions

These advantages have helped mobile wallets to create a powerful position for themselves in the market, and their usage keeps on increasing day by day.

Choose Airtel Thanks as your preferred mobile wallet

Airtel Thanks provides multiple offers, exclusive benefits, and various other rewards – all of which come together to give you an efficient, seamless, and streamlined mobile wallet experience.

Just upload money into your wallet from your bank account, and you’ll be able to access one touch payments with the Airtel Thanks wallet, no matter where you go. As soon as you make the jump from the world of physical wallets to digital wallets, you will be able to understand how much easier payments have now become.

As more and more Indians take part in the digital economy by shifting to online payment systems, switch to the Airtel Thanks mobile wallet today and transform the way you pay!