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How to Reset and Create New UPI PIN Number

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) has gained popularity currently. It is well-known among people due to its attractive features, such as instant payments, secure transactions, and so on. Thus, it is used widely to carry out transactions in India today. You can read a detailed guide on how to make UPI payment on our blog page. But hey, guess what? In order to use UPI apps for payment, you need to first generate a password called UPI PIN to send or receive money through UPI systems. In addition, you can also change UPI PIN or reset UPI PIN very easily.

Yes, that’s right!

Let us understand how to create and get an UPI PIN change. You will also know how to reset UPI PIN without your debit card.

In this first section, we will understand how to generate a UPI PIN number.

How to create new UPI PIN?

Many leading apps like Airtel Thanks allow you to generate UPI PIN numbers with relative ease. So, the first thing you need to do here is to download the app on your smartphone. Once Airtel Thanks is installed, follow these instructions mentioned below to link your bank account to the app

  • Open the app on your smartphone
  • Register with the mobile number linked to the bank account
  • Go to the ‘Banking’ section
  • Fill out the required details that appear on your mobile screen. After submitting the details, you will receive a one-time password on your phone
  • Submit the password for verification
  • Generate the PIN through Airtel Thanks once your mobile number and device have been verified.

After completing the above-mentioned steps, you can set up the UPI PIN number quite easily to perform transactions online.

Once you’ve generated the UPI PIN number, note it down on your smartphone. You know why? Well, writing it down helps in ensuring that you don’t end up forgetting it. But hey, in case you do, you can always reset the UPI PIN on Airtel Thanks. Read on to know how to change UPI PIN.

How to reset UPI PIN?

To find out how to change the UPI PIN number, keep the following steps in mind:

  • Log in to the app with your registered mobile number
  • Go to the ‘Pay’ option
  • Click on the ‘Scan QR Code’ option. It will take you to another screen with different options, such as Account Info, Change UPI PIN, Forgot UPI PIN, etc.
  • Select ‘Change UPI PIN’
  • Enter your current UPI PIN number
  • Create a new PIN number
  • Re-enter the new UPI PIN number to confirm it

Your UPI PIN change request is now successful. Therefore, you can reset your UPI PIN without debit card as well. Do note that your UPI PIN is very important. It helps you secure your account and make easy transactions. Let’s look at its significance in detail.

Importance of UPI PIN code

A UPI PIN number is an essential password that you need to provide to carry out all your transactions. So, come let us find out more about why you need a UPI PIN in-depth below:

  • It is the unique identification for a bank account to send and receive funds
  • Real-time bank to bank payments are made using a mobile number or a virtual payment address (UPI PIN)
  • It helps you to do mobile and DTH recharge
  • Moreover, UPI PIN also allows you to make utility bill payments online
  • In addition, it even lets you check your account balance, buy insurance, donate money, book Fixed Deposits (FD), and pay health insurance premiums.

Now that you know why you need to create a UPI PIN number, let’s understand the benefits of UPI PIN below:

Benefits of updating UPI PIN

Every user can enjoy the following benefits of a UPI PIN number:


You no longer have to visit the bank to generate a banking PIN number. All thanks to the online process. Yes, that’s right. It is now possible to generate or reset a UPI PIN through UPI apps while sitting at home.


A UPI PIN number allows you to carry out multiple transactions at once. Yes, you read that correctly. It lets everyone transfer money, make bill payments, do online recharges, and so on.


Here’s the thing. UPI transactions are secure due to the linking of your bank account and UPI PIN number. So, you don’t have to worry about any fraud or other malicious activities. All you have to do is enter the correct UPI PIN number and voila. You’re ready to transact!

The above-mentioned steps help you to understand how to reset UPI PIN number and create it with relative ease. Once it has been done, you can easily carry out numerous transactions, some of which include online bill payments, recharges, and so forth from the comfort of  your home.

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