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How to find and know what is your UPI ID!

Are you wondering where to find your UPI ID? Don’t worry! You’re not alone. How to find UPI ID is a very common question. Many people often struggle to get their UPI ID on digital payment apps. It can be difficult to spot the UPI ID on these apps (if someone is not aware of it). But hey, relax. We are here to help!

Let us help you understand how to find UPI ID on popular apps like Airtel Thanks below:

How to Find UPI ID on Airtel Thanks?

In 2019, Airtel Thanks enabled open-loop BHIM UPI payments, making it possible for every user to make digital payments for goods and services. But hey, the catch here is you need to first create a UPI ID for making these BHIM payments over mobile phones.

Let us help you understand how to generate a UPI PIN on Airtel Thanks:

  • Enter your mobile number to register on the app
  • Go to the ‘Banking’ section and fill out your bank details
  • Link a bank account to the app
  • Wait to receive a password on your device
  • After you’ve got it on the phone, submit it for verification. Then, your UPI ID will automatically be created by Airtel Thanks

Once your UPI ID is created, you need to know the UPI ID to send and receive money through Airtel Thanks.

Let us understand how to find your UPI ID below:

  • Open the Airtel Thanks app on your cellular device
  • Select the ‘Pay’ option from the bottom of your mobile screen
  • View your UPI ID at the top of the screen

After you’ve found your UPI ID, you can proceed to make money transfers by either entering your personal ID or scanning the QR code.

We’ve compiled a couple of steps below that will help you understand how to send money in both these ways. So, come, let’s find out below:

How To Send Money with a UPI ID?

  • Open the app on your mobile phone
  • Go to the ‘Pay’ tab below
  • Select the ‘Send Money’ option
  • Choose the contact of the person you wish to transfer money to
  • Enter the amount and press ‘Pay Now’
  • Wait to receive a text message confirming the details of your money transfer

How To Send Money by Scanning A QR Code?

  • Open Airtel Thanks app and scroll down
  • Click on the ‘Pay’ button
  • Choose ‘Scan QR Code’
  • Press ‘Allow Access’ on the screen
  • Scan the code and make the payment

That was quite easy, right? So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your online payment via Airtel Thanks UPI with ease. Hurry!