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What is UPI ID

Quick & easy ways to create UPI ID online

With the introduction of internet in our lives, everything has become faster and better, making it easier for us to go on with our everyday responsibilities. Furthermore, the rise of smartphones and cheap internet data plans has also played a major role. As a result, almost all people use a smartphone nowadays.

This heavy penetration of smartphones has also helped to increase the usage of UPI based payment apps. Payment apps, such as Airtel Thanks, are now widely used across the country. The popularity of such apps is not a surprise in any way.

Here’s a list of UPI benefits that will make you understand why payment apps are so amazing:

  1. Much more convenient than carrying cash all the time. You have an e-wallet installed on your smartphone all the time
  2. You just have to scan a QR code or enter the UPI ID and pay
  3. The transactions are done in an instant
  4. The hassle of standing at ATM queues can now be finally avoided, as UPI payment apps are linked to your bank account
  5. You need not enter your bank account details every time you are about to make a transaction
  6. It also helps you to take part in the digital economy
  7. You can even send money digitally to others in times of emergencies

These are only some of the few factors that make payment apps so useful. We suggest you get the Airtel Thanks app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and explore these benefits yourself.

But, before you start using your UPI app on a daily basis, you have to understand how to create UPI ID.

What is UPI ID?

A UPI ID is a form of ID that every UPI payment app user gets. Once created, it is exclusive only to you and cannot be used by anyone else. In addition, it can also be used to track your various cashless transactions that you have made via the UPI app.

In an UPI app such as Airtel Thanks, your bank account details are completely safe from the outside world. However, you will still need an ID to prove that the transaction is made by you. This is where the UPI ID comes in handy for the users. While you aren’t sharing any sensitive information, your unique UPI ID tells everyone that it was you who made the payment.

Your UPI ID is in no way related to your bank account details. Therefore, it is always a safer option to send money via UPI, rather than NEFT, RTGS or other methods.

How to get UPI ID

Now that we have explained what is UPI ID, you must be eager to know how you can get it. Hang on, here’s how to make UPI ID online:

  1. First of all, you have to download an app that will let you create an UPI ID. For this, download the Airtel Thanks app for your device.
  2. You will now have to proceed to create your account on our Thanks app.
  3. Enter your 10-digit mobile number, verify it with the OTP that you receive, and your Thanks account is ready.
  4. In the next step, your mobile number will be verified via the app.
  5. Once your mobile number has been successfully verified, you can go ahead and make your unique UPI ID.

Make sure you carefully follow all these steps. Once you are done, your payment app will be ready for use.

Once done with all these steps, you will be ready to make cashless payments anytime of the day! Your UPI ID will also be created during the process of setting up your account.

What are the benefits of Airtel Thanks app?

There are multiple benefits of the Thanks app. Here’s a list of them:

  1. You get multiple benefits, rewards, and cashbacks if you use the app on daily basis
  2. The Thanks app payment process is powered via UPI, so you don’t have to disclose bank details while making payments
  3. You can use the app to recharge your mobile phone connections, DTH, landline, broadband and more. You can even recharge phone numbers of other people
  4. The app can also be used to pay utility bills at the end of each month
  5. You can even watch Live TV and stream music on Wynk using the Airtel Thanks app

These are only a handful of the benefits of Airtel Thanks. Get the app, create your UPI ID, and reap the rewards today!