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How to set up Auto Pay in Airtel Thanks App

Auto-pay feature for bill payments or monthly recharges is one of the most convenient and time-saving methods. This feature eliminates the need for manual bill payment and reduces the risk of late or missed payments. To provide our customers with the same facility, we at Airtel, have also introduced the Airtel auto-pay feature that can help you auto-pay your postpaid bills, broadband connection recharges, mobile recharges and much more. So, let’s dive deeper into understanding the Airtel Auto-Pay feature and how it will benefit the consumers at large. Read on!

What is Airtel Auto Pay Feature or Airtel Direct Debit?

Airtel Direct Debit or Airtel Auto Pay feature is focused to offer you with the convenience of paying your Airtel Postpaid, Landline & DTH bills automatically through a credit card, ICICI Debit Card and bank account. To set it up, you’ll only require a one-time registration. Easy!

Steps to Setup Auto Pay in Thanks App

Below-mentioned three simple steps will help you set up Airtel AutoPay:

  • Enter your Airtel Subscriber Details

To begin with, you will require to enter necessary details such as your Airtel Postpaid / Landline Number, DTH, standing instruction and email ID where you wish to receive alerts or confirmation for the registration. Once you initiate this step, your details will be verified with the billing system.

  • Provide the credit card details

Once your details get verified, provide your credit card details on which you wish to set up the standing instruction. To setup, you’ll be required to complete a Rs 2.00 payment authorization in order to confirm your registration.

In this step, you’ll be redirected to your card issuer to authorize using your secure Verified by Visa (VBV)/ MasterCard Secure Code (MSC) password or bank account verification.

  • Acknowledgement

After the completion of the above mentioned two steps, you’ll be done with direct debit enrollment. We will send you an acknowledgement through email/SMS confirming the date from which the direct debit will start.

Note: To start the steps, you’re required to click on Setup Auto Pay Link mentioned on our official website or the Airtel Thanks app. However, owing to recent RBI guidelines, new auto-pay cannot be set up until further notice. Customers who have already registered for the feature can still manage their accounts.

  • Modify Auto Pay

In case, you wish to change your card details for some reason, you can visit our website or the Airtel Thanks recharge app and on the Direct debit page, you need to click on Modify Auto Pay button and enter new details.

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How to Cancel Auto Pay

If you wish to cancel your Auto Pay request, visit the direct debit page and click on the cancel auto pay button.

Why is it beneficial to set up the Airtel Auto Pay feature?

  • Consistent and timely payments

Auto-pay ensures that your bills are paid on time, always. No more missed payments due to forgetfulness or other distractions.

  • Time-saving

Auto-pay eliminates the need to manually pay bills each month. Simply set it up once and your bills will be paid automatically each month.

  • Reduced late fees

Late fees can add up quickly in some cases of postpaid bills and can be avoided by using auto-pay feature.

  • Improved budgeting

By having your bills automatically paid, you’ll have a better idea of your monthly expenses. This can help you budget and manage your money more effectively.

  • Enhanced security

Auto-pay reduces the risk of paper bills getting lost or stolen in the mail. It also eliminates the need to enter payment information on multiple websites, reducing the risk of identity theft. Considering the fact that security is of prime concern in today’s cyber crime era, this is really a huge advantage.

  • Better record-keeping

With auto-pay feature, you will have a clear record of when and how much you have paid for each bill. This can come in handy when you are trying to resolve billing disputes, especially.


Overall, auto-pay for bill payments is a useful and convenient feature that can save you time and money while also providing you with complete peace of mind. It’s an easy way to ensure that your bills are paid on time and without any hassles.