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What is VPA in UPI Payment and its meaning

These are a few of the benefits that you get from a UPI app, such as Airtel Thanks. When you make a payment through Airtel Thanks, the receiver doesn’t get to know your bank account details. Instead, all he sees is your VPA. The VPA full form in UPI stands for Virtual Payment Address. You are now probably thinking about what VPA means in UPI payment.

So, what is VPA in UPI payment?

The VPA is a unique ID that UPI uses to track the account that you use on your Airtel Thanks app. This unique ID is totally devoid of any bank account information or other personal details. Hence, you need not worry about sharing it.

What does the VPA of UPI look like?

The VPA will usually be in the following format: name@nameofbank

In the VPA, the ‘name’ section could be anything. For example, it could be your name, your linked 10-digit mobile number. As for the ‘nameofbank’ part, it will specifically mention the bank name to which your UPI ID is linked. Moreover, it could also just be the word UPI.

Here’s how it will look like: dave@hdfcbank or anjali40@icici.

How do I create my VPA?

Creating your very own VPA is extremely easy. All you have to do is enter your bank details on the Airtel Thanks UPI app, and your VPA gets created automatically! That’s all! You don’t even have to break any sweat. Don’t worry – your VPA will be completely unique.

How secure is VPA for UPI?

Now, we have already established what VPA in UPI is. VPA for UPI is extremely secure, especially since any bank account details are not shared. Furthermore, all your transactions can be easily tracked by following the VPA associated with your account. You can consider this as the only sort of information to track down the payments that you have made.

What are the benefits in VPA for UPI?

Here are a couple of benefits associated with VPA:

  1. You can send money using your VPA any time of the day, anywhere.
  2. The VPA transaction services are not charged anything extra.
  3. You don’t have to get a beneficiary added or go through the complicated steps before sending money. Just tap a few buttons and the receiver will get the desired amount that you wish to send.
  4. It is a very eco-friendly approach that helps you to go cashless.
  5. The payment apps, such as Airtel Thanks are also extremely easy to use.

Which payment app should I choose for making my cashless payments?

The Airtel Thanks app is an incredible app if you wish to make cashless payments. Moreover, it also offers users a host of other features, benefits, and amazing discounts, that make using the app rewarding.

That is not all.  First time app users can avail exciting discount on UPI offer. Get up to 50% cashback on your first UPI transaction and up to Rs 40 cashback on minimum recharge of Rs 50. Isn’t that amazing?!

The Thanks app also provides users with exclusive offers and rewards that have been specifically curated for you. Other than that, you can even watch live TV, stream unlimited music – all this and much more with one single app.

The app will also provide you with cashbacks when you make payments with it. Therefore, you eventually end up saving a lot of money, by using Thanks as the go-to app for all your payment needs. You can also choose to become a Silver, Gold or Platinum member on the Thanks app. This will unlock further rewards for you.

Still thinking about downloading the app? Get Airtel Thanks on your smartphone right away and see the difference yourself!