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10 Reasons Why You Need Airtel Xstream Fiber – The Fastest Wired Internet Service Provider

According to recent stats, India houses 700 million of the total of 4.66 billion internet users globally. Most of these access the internet via their mobile phones for reasons like social media connectivity, work, education, information and other communication. Your home or workplace is a microcosmic representation of internet users in the global scenario. Everyone is using the internet for different purposes at the same time through different devices. That’s why it only makes sense to opt for a super-fast internet service provider. Meet Airtel Xstream Fiber – the ultimate way to bring high-speed internet into your life.

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Listed below are 10 reasons you need Airtel Xstream Fiber wired broadband internet connection.

The advantage of fiber optics technology

The biggest advantage with fiber optics is the high speeds at which the network travels through them, which you can equate to the speed of light!

A fiber optics network gives you higher bandwidth than copper wired networks since it can transmit large volumes of data in less time. This makes fiber optics a preferred choice of the wired broadband network, especially among users who need to transfer and receive videos and other large files over the internet.

Higher data transfer speed

Airtel Xstream Fiber network lets you transfer large files and videos without interruption. This is because fiber optics reduce the possibility of ‘latency’ which is the delay in processing data transfer that usually occurs in copper wired internet connections. Reduced latency means better access to cloud data and its management, improved video and voice calling, a smooth gaming experience, and much more.

Uninterrupted internet with up to 64 connected devices

Airtel Xstream Fiber lets you connect up to 64 devices to the broadband connection or WiFi router and operate them without compromising net speed. These connected devices can access the internet for different upload or download tasks or even stream HQ videos simultaneously without a glitch in the network.

Get more done in less time with high-speed internet

Everything from buying groceries to attending school, gaming, streaming videos, or making impactful business deals and investments is done with the help of the internet. To ensure you follow through with such tasks seamlessly and simultaneously, you need an advanced fast internet connection. Also, let’s face it – you need high-speed internet now more than ever to stay connected and get things done while staying indoors to follow safety protocols in the pandemic. Making do with an average speed internet connection with a poor network would only mean losing out on essential time.

A gamut of features at affordable prices

Airtel Xstream Fiber has a range of features such as:

  • Equal upload/download speeds
  • Up to 1 Gbps speeds
  • Unlimited data
  • Internet Speed Test
  • Auto-troubleshooting
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Advance technology routers

All these factors make Airtel Xstream Fiber the ideal choice for a wired broadband internet service provider.

Airtel Xstream Fiber has a plan for everyone

Whether you need an internet connection at home for your family or for virtual classes for your kids, your meetings from work, or even to stream your favourite series and movies, Airtel Xstream Fiber has a wide range of packages to choose from. Depending on your internet usage, you have the liberty to choose from a basic plan to one that goes all the way up to a whopping 1 Gbps.


Besides offering uninterrupted internet connectivity, Airtel Xstream Fiber comes with several cost benefits. No additional WiFi router cost, No separate cost for OTT subscriptions, zero installation charges with annual plans – are what make this optic fiber wired broadband connection from Airtel cost-effective.

Internet connectivity in every nook and corner

Another reason Airtel Xstream Fiber triumphs over other wired broadband networks is that it reaches all the ‘dead-zone’ areas in a household. You won’t need range extenders since Airtel fiber optic wired broadband provides connectivity even in places where other connections are glitchy. All you need is to buy a coverage+ upgrade with your plan and you are done.

Always ahead of the game

Airtel revolutionised internet connectivity by incorporating fiber optics technology in India much before many of its competitors did. The telecom giant is one of the first players to bring 1 Gbps speed over WiFi, provide secure internet connection, power backup solution and wide range WiFi with Coverage+ upgrade. Airtel has always stayed two steps ahead of its competitors in internet technology, making it the most trusted internet service provider in India.

One Connection, multiple exclusive privileges

From unlimited data packages to subscriptions on OTT platforms, Airtel gives you various privileges compared to others. When you bring home Airtel Xstream Fiber wired broadband; you enter a whole new world of exclusive benefits such as advanced routers for better connectivity, plans that give you subscriptions to Wynk Music, Disney+Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and much more!

With all these features and seamless connectivity over a high-speed fiber-optic network, Airtel Xstream Fiber will change the way you use the internet. If you’re looking to upgrade your internet connection to something that gives you more for less, Airtel Xstream Fiber wired broadband connection has got to be your choice!

Enjoy 1 free month of fiber if you join Airtel Black. If you are an existing Airtel customer with a Postpaid or DTH connection, just join Airtel Black with a new fiber plan and enjoy the first month absolutely free.