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Quick ways to set up access point name for fast 4g internet – APN Setting

Well, it is no big secret that our smartphones have now evolved as our daily drivers. Without them, it has now become almost impossible to have an easy life. After all, we have indeed become dependent on them. So has the internet. Without the internet, you will hardly be able to get anything done. That is why it is crucial that you know a bit more about the technical terms that surround your smartphone and the internet. In this blog, we will talk about the APN settings. Already thinking what is APN and what it stands for? Read on to learn more!

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What is APN settings?

Let us explain to you ‘what is APN’ in mobile phone. The term APN itself stands for access point name. In layman terms, it primarily acts as a gateway between the cellular network of your smartphone device and the internet. Therefore, whatever your network maybe – 3G, 4G, 5G, the APN is needed to establish the connection. It acts as your digital gateway to the world of internet.

It is APN that determines your connection requests and defines it. Whenever you port to a different internet service provider, your APN ends up getting changed at the same time as well.

How to setup Airtel access point settings 4G for fast internet?

If you are indeed eager to change the phone settings, here are the steps to get Airtel APN settings for fast internet:

  1. Unlock your smartphone and go to the settings page.
  2. Now, visit the mobile network section of the settings page.
  3. Here, tap on Access Point Names, which will show you the default APNs of the device.
  4. In addition to the default APN settings, you will also come across a ‘+’ sign on one of the upper hand corners of the screen.
  5. From this ‘+’ sign, you will be able to add your very own APN connection.
  6. Make sure you add all the proper information for the APN. If not done correctly, this won’t work.
  7. Now, tap on Save and you will be able to access internet on your smartphone now.

However, APN is only meant for using mobile data internet. And today, we live in times when mobile data simply cannot keep up with our demand for data. Sure, it is enough to get the job done, but would you not like to have a broadband wifi connection that makes surfing the web way better for you? If yes, then Airtel broadband has the right wifi plans for you! Don’t believe us? Conduct an internet speed test with Airtel broadband and see for yourself.

How to get Airtel access point name?

Getting an Airtel access point name is easier than you might be thinking. All you have to do is take an Airtel SIM, push it into a smartphone and voila! The moment you switch on the mobile data on the device, you are using an APN to connect to the internet. Now isn’t that quite simple and easy to understand? We certainly think so.

However, there can be instances when the new SIM inserted into the smartphone does not allow the APN to be changed. But, there is a way around that as well. If you have an Android device with you, you can just go ahead and create an APN for yourself.

The structure of APN settings

In itself, the APN has two primary parts that make it complete: a network identifier and an operator identifier. Here, the network identifier tells you which outside network the gateway should be connected to. On the other hand, the operator identifier plays its part by identifying which mobile network operator the gateway has been paired with.

Every APN usually ends with a ‘.3gprs’ or something like ‘.3gppnetwork.org’. We hope this has cleared the idea for you a bit. Now, let us look at the Airtel access point settings and Airtel access point names.

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