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Airtel broadband plan unlimited 499

Airtel Broadband Rs. 499 Plan Details

The way the world looks at internet has changed a lot in recent times. There was a time when internet was considered expensive, and difficult to access by many. But latest technologies and inventions have paved the way for greater internet integration in many sectors. Fast forward to the modern times and internet is there everywhere and is helping industries grow at unfathomable rates. But you are probably aware of all of these facts. Which is why, it is no surprise you are eager to get a broadband connection that provides you with high speed internet. However, do you think it is possible to get good internet speed, without investing heavily? Of course, now there is. The Airtel broadband Rs. 499 plan is the right choice for you, if you need a Wi-Fi connection without having to break the bank.

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Want to know more about the Airtel broadband Rs. 499 plan details? Here’s everything that you might need to know about Airtel Rs. 499 plan broadband. Keep reading!

Internet speeds up to 40 Mbps

When you are getting a broadband connection for yourself, speed is of prime essence. In addition, it is only normal that you would expect the very best quality and good internet speed when you are paying a premium for a broadband connection. With Airtel’s Rs. 499 broadband plan, you will get speeds on your Wi-Fi network that will go up as high as 40 Mbps. Hence, you can watch videos in high quality, attend office video calls with clarity, and scroll through social media – without any hiccups. Get smooth sailing internet, only with Airtel broadband.

Unlimited internet, to keep you worry free

Along with internet speeds, it is also quite necessary that you have enough data availability on your broadband connection. But broadband is extremely fast, hence it also does consume a lot of data. So, what is the Wi-Fi limit on the Rs. 499 plan? None! All Airtel broadband plans are unlimited; hence you will never have to worry about the broadband data balance.

Just log into our Wi-Fi network, and explore the vast realms of the internet, as much as you want. If you are a netizen and someone who spends a lot of your time on the web, it doesn’t get better (and cheaper) than the Airtel Rs. 499 broadband plan.

Airtel 499 plan broadband

No need to pay installation charges for Airtel broadband Rs. 499 plan

Think the installation of a broadband service will be expensive? With Airtel, you can finally say goodbye to those worries too. You will not have to pay any additional installation charges with the Airtel broadband Rs. 499 plan. Just make sure you get a long-term Airtel broadband plan, and all installation charges will be waived off. Furthermore, you will also get a broadband router from us, completely free of charge!

The free router is interesting. It has all the features enabled that will help you get the very best speed from your Wi-Fi connection. You can connect multiple devices to it and be assured that you will get the same speed that you expect from Airtel broadband.

Experience the comfort of Wi-Fi calling

The Airtel broadband Rs. 499 plan will also help you to make seamless Wi-Fi calls from your phone. If your smartphone supports Wi-Fi calling, then rest assured, you are in for a treat. Wi-Fi calling makes phone calls without number much smoother as well. You no longer have to suffer from frequent call drops if you live in an area with bad cell phone reception. Just get Airtel broadband and place the call via your Wi-Fi connection. Reduce discomfort for everyone, get more done and make communication easier, with Airtel broadband.

Wi-Fi bill payment/recharge is made easy too

With so many advantages on the Airtel Wi-Fi, it obviously makes so much sense to get it. But what about Airtel broadband recharges when your month’s plan is exhausted? Don’t worry, we have got your back even over there! To make your monthly recharges, simply download the Airtel Thanks app and you will be all set. No need to lose your head on how to do so. The Thanks app will make it easier for you. In addition to that, you will also get plenty of Airtel Thanks benefits. Some of these benefits include Airtel Xstream premium subscription, Apollo 24/7 circle, FASTag recharge and Wynk music.

Hence, these are the Airtel Rs. 499 plan details that you need to know. If you are still thinking of getting this plan, then we suggest that you don’t think any longer. Get our cheapest broadband plan today and see how Wi-Fi can really change lives. Go ahead, make the jump to the future of internet right now!