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benefits of ai

Common Uses & Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

AI has taken the world by storm, quite literally! AI tools such as ChatGPT, Jasper are currently on everyone’s minds and there are heated debates on the benefits of AI and uses of artificial intelligence. However, it is no doubt that AI has changed the world for the better and this revolution will continue to happen for some time now, as more and more AI-based tech comes out.

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Which industries will be majorly affected by Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The biggest benefit of AI is that it can be easily modified and scaled up or down to suit your business needs. As a result, there are plenty of industries that will be facing drastic changes as AI gets even more advanced in the upcoming years.

Here are some of the industries which are likely to be affected the hardest, due to AI:


The world of healthcare is full of data. With the help of AI, this data can be sorted and used to provide patients and doctors with better solutions.

Customer Service

AI has already made some important and disruptive strides into the world of customer service. Have you recently interacted with any chatbots? That is nothing but AI!


The banking industry and the world of finance could get a whole lot of help from AI. This industry has a lot of paperwork and documentation involved, all of which can now be done by AI. In addition, prediction and analysis form a major part of BFSI, all of which can be done by AI more efficiently.


Just like BFSI, predictive analytics also plays a major role in this industry. AI will help companies to cut down on costs, optimize supply chains, and do lots more.


The world of retail has already changed with the introduction of e-commerce giants such as Amazon. Now, AI can help companies to develop self-shop stores, optimize supply chains, understand how much inventory to stock, and much more.

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10 uses and benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Here are 10 benefits or uses of Artificial Intelligence that can make the world a better place:

  1. Travel and navigation apps, such as Google Maps, have received a major boost with the help of AI.
  2. Smartphone apps that work with AI, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa or Samsung Bixby.
  3. Social media apps also use plenty of AI features to provide us with a more optimised experience.
  4. AI could also help you to get better-targeted advertisements when you are browsing the web.
  5. Cars that are smarter and more feature rich than before, thanks to the implementation of AI.
  6. Music and video streaming can also be more optimised with AI. Apps such as Spotify are already doing it, with their ‘Smart Shuffle’ feature.
  7. Smart home assistants, such as Google Nest and Amazon Echo, which can control your whole home and other smart devices with the help of AI.
  8. AI has also been integrated into your input. Apps such as Grammarly works with the help of AI, whilst keyboards such as Google Keyboards can use AI to show you predictive texts that you wanted to send.
  9. Security and surveillance have also benefited quite a lot from AI. Airtel’s Xsafe cameras are one of the best in class when it comes to supplying ultimate peace of mind to you.
  10. Digital payment services, such as e-banking, also uses the help of AI to provide a seamless and effortless banking experience for all.

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Which are the 5 most common applications of Artificial Intelligence?

Here are 5 of the most common applications of AI in our daily lives:

  1. Facial recognition: Do you use your face to unlock your smartphone? Well, there is AI at work!
  2. Language processing: If you have a smart home speaker and use it regularly, then there you go! Another example of AI that we use daily.
  3. Education: Have you appeared for any online tests recently? If you have, there might be instances where you might have noticed that the level of questions starts getting tougher consistently over time. It is done with the help of AI.
  4. Entertainment: Are you an avid OTT-content viewer and have started getting more recommendations that suit your interests? Say thanks to AI.
  5. Customer service: Want to get quick and steady help from a service and a chatbot is helping you with it? Yet another example of AI!

Thus, as you can see, there are plenty of applications, benefits, and potential in AI. To bring out the best of AI, make sure you have a good broadband connection.

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