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5G fixed wireless access

Difference Between Fixed Broadband 5G & Mobile 5G

There is a lot of hype around 5G and what it does, the many use cases of 5G, how it stands to evolve our daily lives, and more. That discussion is, however, for another time. Today, we will focus on how you, as a user, can use 5G. In essence, there are two basic ways through which you can unleash 5G speeds on your devices – via mobile or fixed lines (broadband). Now, there are clear-cut differences between 5G fixed broadband and 5G on mobile.

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Are all these terms getting too difficult for you to break down? Time to find out everything about them. But before we go there, let’s just get one thing out of the way – both broadband and mobile 5G are designed for one single thing – to provide you with internet access. However, how you use this tech to achieve you’re your daily objectives is what matters.

What are the differences between 5G fixed broadband and mobile 5G?

These are the main differences between 5G fixed broadband and mobile 5G:

5G fixed broadband Mobile 5G
·        You will get dedicated 5G signals all throughout the day. ·        Mobile 5G can be used anywhere, not just in the house.
·        Provides 5G Wi-Fi connection, which can be used on many devices. ·        Only for your mobile.

What are the pros and cons of 5G broadband?

Broadband is not a new piece of tech, however, 5G fixed wireless access is new. Here are the pros and cons of 5G fixed wireless access broadband in a tabular format:

Pros Cons
·        5G-based Wi-Fi all around your house. ·        You lose the signal when you step out of the house.
·        A dedicated 5G signal all the time. ·        You will need hardware such as routers.

5G fixed wireless access or 5G FWA has one major benefit – it provides you with 5G connectivity all the time. Therefore, whenever you are at home (or office) you can stay assured that you will get high-speed internet all the time! Moreover, the coverage will also be constant since you are not moving the router anywhere.

Another increased benefit is that you can get 5G speeds on all of your devices. Therefore, even if you have not bought a 5G smartphone yet, you can still experience 5G speeds all the time. You cannot get this with the help of a 5G phone easily (a smartphone hotspot can be a way, but it does take a toll on your battery).

What are the pros and cons of mobile 5G?

Pros Cons
·        Network coverage wherever you go ·        Limited by your mobile plans
·        Set up is easy and instant ·        The 5G speed can be very inconsistent

If you are simply looking to get a 5G network wherever you go, then mobile 5G is the right way ahead. You can be away from the range of a proper Wi-Fi connection and still enjoy the benefits of a 5G network. By establishing your independence from broadband, you can now go anywhere you want. However, there is a limit to the extent to which you can use the data. At one point, it will eventually run out, after which, you will have to get a mobile recharge done to get things back on the fast track.

How do I know which is the right choice for me?

Well, knowing which is the right choice for you can be a little confusing to decide. However, here is what you can do: make a list and see what all your requirements are.

Here is something that might help – how much 5G data you will need? If you are someone who works at home mostly, then a 5G broadband connection could be the way to go. However, if you travel regularly and need 5G on the go, then a mobile 5G network is the better choice.

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