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How to get an landline connection

How to Get New Landline Connection – Airtel

If we look back, the telephone was the first piece of technology that helped us get connected to people far away, with our voice. It was a wonderful thing at the time, and it still carries that magic to this date. In modern times, the use of a landline connection has reduced a lot, but it still has a lot of significance, especially in houses and businesses. 

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Sure, the telephone and a landline connection may not be as ‘mobile’ as a mobile phone, but they still get the work done and can also be a more reliable choice when you are not getting good service on your smartphone. 

Steps to get a new Landline Connection – Airtel Xstream Fiber

There are no clear steps to get a brand new landline connection from Airtel. The biggest benefit here is that you can get a landline connection, without any added cost, with your Airtel Xstream Fiber broadband connection

How does that work? Simply because the Airtel Xstream Fiber and the telephone wired line both use the same piece of technology to ensure that you get uninterrupted services. So, all you have to do is get yourself a new Airtel Xstream Fiber connection and you will get landline services with it, completely free!

Here are the steps to get a new broadband connection from Airtel:

  • Download the Airtel Thanks payments app on your phone 
  • Login to the app with your credentials wherever needed
  • On the shop tab, select Airtel Broadband
  • Now enter the details as required 
  • Add your address 
  • Your query is now sent to Airtel
  • An Airtel official will reach out to you 
  • Pay for the Airtel Wi-Fi plan that you want
  • Your broadband router and landline connection installation will be completely free

Thus, with just a few simple steps, you can have a fully working landline and broadband connection at your home. Additionally, this landline connection will be provided to you completely free of cost. 

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Features of an Airtel landline connection

Here are some of the best features of an Airtel landline connection:

  • Get extremely reliable connectivity, even in remote or far-off places where mobile connectivity can stutter
  • Unlimited incoming and outgoing calls so that you don’t have to choose postpaid plans or recharge prepaid plans
  • A broadband connection provided, at no extra cost
  • There is no need to charge your landline connection, which means that you can never be stuck with a phone with a dead battery

Features of the Airtel broadband connection

There are multiple benefits of choosing Airtel broadband as your preferred Wi-Fi connection service provider. Here are some of them:

  • Provides the best internet speeds in the industry, try it out with an internet speed test today
  • Get office-like internet now at home, with 24×7 connectivity and no lagging 
  • Say goodbye to buffering
  • Watch 4K videos, attend meetings, make video calls, scroll social media, stream web TV shows, and more, without any hiccups
  • Unlimited internet with all of the Airtel broadband plans
  • Free Wi-Fi router and free installation by experts from Airtel
  • Multiple plans for you to choose from, with speeds reaching up to 1 Gbps

Therefore, switching to Airtel broadband makes more sense than ever before. If you have not thought about choosing Airtel Xstream Fiber before, then try out an internet speed test with your existing service provider and then switch to Airtel, to find out the differences. We are sure that the results will shock you. 

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Do I need a landline connection in modern times?

In modern times, the mobile phone has become commonplace, and almost everyone has a smartphone in their hands. And yet, the telephone could be a helpful addition to your home, as it solves a lot of network based issues that you may experience on your smartphone network.

The landline connection can also be great for a business, since it gives you a single number which you can use to make or receive calls, only during business hours. In addition, a landline network can also be a boon when mobile connectivity is not good due to certain issues in your area.

Moreover, if you are living in a remote region or a place with irregular connection, a landline will help you place calls without any hiccups. And the cherry on the cake is that the landline connection is completely free with any Airtel broadband connection.

Get the Airtel Thanks app and get your new landline connection with Wi-Fi today!