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Play your favourite board games online with high-speed Airtel Broadband! Learn how

Board games have always been popular and can bring people of all ages together. There are a number of reasons why these are much in demand; they are very easy to understand, everyone can win them using a proper mix of intelligence and skill. Sometimes, if lady luck is on your side, you may even win the game without actually being very good at it!

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However, amidst the pandemic, our social lives have been disrupted by WFH schedules. Thus, frequent social distancing norms and sudden lockdowns have made bonding with friends or loved ones through board games difficult. But, if you have a high-speed broadband connection that can help you stay connected with your friends all throughout the day, you need not worry about not being able to play your favourite board games. Just take the game online!

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Which board games are available online?

There are a vast number of totally free to play board games available for users online. Classic board games such as ludo, carrom, snakes and ladders, chess and many more are available online. To play these games, go to Google Play Store if you have an Android smartphone, or the Apple App Store if you have an iOS device.

These board game apps have been specifically designed and optimised for the small screen. Therefore, when you play these games, you also get to use some additional features which you did not get in the real world, such as live chat options, emoji reactions and more – all of which only go on to give you an even more enhanced online board gaming experience with your dear ones.

Why is broadband needed for online gaming?

High-speed broadband internet plays a very significant role when you are playing games over the web. Mobile network is not capable or stable enough to provide users a seamless experience. You even run the risk of finishing your daily data packs if you are a heavy smartphone user.

In addition, mobile tower reception inside homes can also be very less at times, which could potentially end up ruining your Sunday’s marathon chess session with your best friend. To avoid all these challenges and play board games without having any other worries, you should get yourself a high-speed broadband connection.

With broadband internet, you get a very stable internet connection that is there for you at all times throughout the day. It gives you enough flexibility so that you can download as many gaming apps as possible that you want throughout the day.

Do more with your broadband plan

A broadband connection will not only solve all your gaming issues that you have been facing, but also help you surf the internet faster, conduct high quality video calls whether it is professional or personal, lets you stream web shows on your devices at the highest possible resolution, supports Wi-Fi calling, and so much more!

You can connect multiple devices with your Wi-Fi router and still experience reliable high-speed broadband in each of those devices.

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Choose Airtel for speed

If you want incredible internet speed and a Wi-Fi connection that never lets you down, the Airtel’s broadband connection is definitely the way to go for you, as well for everyone else. There are a large number of Airtel plans available, so you can browse through the plans and select the one that perfectly suits your requirements.

Online board games, or anything else as a matter of fact, will never lag for you when you have Airtel broadband. Our broadband gives you a better online gaming experience. So, get our blazing fast broadband today and win every single board game challenge! Or you can download free PC games and charge the battleground too.