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What Are Wireless Networks & Types of Wireless Connections

It is quite common for people to wonder what a wireless network is. These networks are everywhere in our daily lives, and yet if you ask someone for a clear definition, they might be at a loss for words. However, by the time you are done reading this blog, we hope you can explain what wireless networks are, types of wireless connections, and everything else related to it.

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What are wireless networks?

A wireless network makes use of radio frequencies or RF, to create connections between the nodes in a network. As you may have guessed by the very name, these networks do not have any wires and that makes them very popular for homes and businesses.

However, a lot of people consider Wi-Fi to be the only form of wireless network. Unfortunately, that is not true. Multiple forms of wireless networks have been developed.

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What are the types of wireless networks?

Here are the various types of wireless connections:

Local Area Network or LAN

LAN is a network that exists only in one single location. For example, in a home or an office. LAN is used to connect several devices to the internet, with the help of multiple components (such as switches, access points, ethernet, routers, etc.) in between. The single most popular form of LAN is Wi-Fi.

Personal Area Network or PAN

PAN is comprised of a wireless network that connects the multiple devices of a single person in a specific location. A PAN could have computers, smartphones, gaming consoles and other devices. One of the most common and popular forms of PAN is Bluetooth.

Metropolitan Area Network or MAN

MAN is a wireless network that is spread out over an entire city, a whole college campus, or any small geographical area. Therefore, these networks are quite similar to LAN, except the size is much larger than what LAN can cover. Many companies make use of MAN in their office campuses to manage their networks better.

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Wide Area Network or WAN

WAN is spread out over a much larger area – a whole city, state or even a country. The biggest example of a WAN is the internet. The most popular and well-known WAN would be the mobile networks through which we lead our daily lives.

What is the difference between wireless and wired networks?

Wires can be boring, uncomfortable, and often, unconventional. On the other hand, a wireless network is nothing less than a breath of fresh air. Wireless networks provide you with that benefit. You are free to move around, anywhere. You will not have to worry about being restricted to one specific place.

How does the Wi-Fi wireless network work?

Wi-Fi networks, just like any other wireless network, work with the help of radio frequencies. The network admits the exchange of data packets on both sides with the help of optical fibre. However, it turns wireless the moment that data is converted into signals for your device to pick up. This signal is called SSID, and it is what your device sees when the signal reaches it. Connect your device with the Wi-Fi signal and experience blazing-fast internet speeds on your device.

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