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What is Downloading Speed & Uploading Speed in an Internet Connection?

Internet speeds have forever been a very important aspect. And it will continue to do so, soon. In the age of connected devices and AI, having faster internet is more crucial than ever. However, when we talk about fast internet, what does it mean? Yes, it means speed, but what are the finer details around it? What defines the speed of your internet? The two terms where you should focus are internet download speed and upload speed. When these two combine, you get an optimal network. There’s more about this below as you read.

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What is internet upload speed?

The term upload speed refers to the fact of how fast you can upload a piece of information (for example, a file) onto the internet. Yes, we do get that downloading information over the internet is far more common than uploading, but there are instances when you have to upload as well. Take sending a selfie to your best friend as an example. That is nothing but uploading data over the internet. Other ways to upload information over the internet would be sending an e-mail, playing video games with your friends in real-time, a video call, and many more.

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What is a good upload speed?

Well, technically, an upload speed of 3 Mbps is generally considered good enough. However, you should ideally choose Wi-Fi plans that offer much better upload speeds. In addition, when there are several devices in your household which are uploading all at once, having speeds upwards of 10 Mbps for uploading is a much better idea.

What is internet download speed?

The term download speed refers to the fact of how many megabits of data you are downloading from the internet in a span of 1 second. This data could be in any form – images, videos, text, voice recordings, etc. Here are some of the activities where you are downloading data from the internet – binge-watching your favourite shows on Netflix or other OTT platforms, streaming music on Spotify, reading through a website, and more.

What is a good download speed?

A minimum of 25 Mbps download speed is needed for any broadband connection to work smoothly. Speeds lower than this can vastly affect your online browsing experience and that is not recommended. However, just like upload speed, download speed can also vary according to the number of devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi. In case there are far more, then you will have to upgrade your plan so that all the devices get better download speeds.

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How does internet speed work?

The term internet speed works on how many data packets you are able to transfer, each second. Calculated in the form of Mbps, it is the rate at which your internet service provider delivers the internet to and fro from your home or office. Do note that every internet connection is based on both upload and download speed.

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