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What is a Wi-Fi Router

What is a wireless Wi-Fi router, its types and how does it work?

In today’s demanding times, we all have a broadband connection at our homes. After all, without a super-fast wifi connection, it will be almost impossible to manage our daily tasks. Thanks to wifi, life has been easier. Factor in the post pandemic scenario, and you can clearly see why broadband is so much better. But, while we heap praises on our wifi plans and network providers, it is also important to know a bit more about the technology that powers our wifi. Nothing technical, of course. In this blog, we will cover some information into the wireless routers.

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What is a wifi router?

A wifi router, or a wireless router, as it is called in some cases, is an extremely important device. Without the router, you simply would not have been able to experience lightning-fast internet speed in your home. As a result, it is quite important to understand that the right kind of router is needed for your home. It can help you from online based threats, reduce wifi dead spots and provide a reliable connection all day round.

How a wifi router works?

To understand a wifi router, let us take an example. Consider a typical home, which has loads of devices that need internet connectivity. You have the laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, smart TVs, tablets and more. Now, all because of your router, these devices are able to form a network.

The router plays a key role here, by managing incoming and outgoing internet traffic via the network, through itself. It provides the conditions wherein the data exchange is completed in the fastest and most efficient manner.

The data exchange that we have mentioned here, can be a lot of things. It could be just a few videos of last night’s party on WhatsApp. Or it could be an important email. Or it could be just you streaming the latest TV show on Netflix. The point is, your router makes your wifi connection come alive, and manages the bandwidth accordingly.

What are the various types of routers?

There are five main types of routers that you can come across. They are:

  1. Wired routers
  2. Wireless routers
  3. Core routers
  4. Edge routers
  5. VPN routers


What is a Wifi (wireless router) and is it better than wired ones?

A wired router is a dated version of the modern day routers that we usually see all around. Wired routers have cable connections at both the ends. However, the wireless routers are so much better. You will find wireless routers nowadays at offices, homes and everywhere else. One of the biggest benefits of choosing a wireless router is that it can handle a lot of heavy load. Therefore, a single wireless router can handle the demand from various devices, quite easily.

Things that you should look for while getting a wifi router at home

If you are looking for the best wifi router for home or simply the best wifi router, then here are some key factors you should remember:

Wifi coverage

The size of your home plays a large part in determining how much area, the wifi router will be able to cover. A single router can usually handle the demand in a 2 or 3 BHK home quite well. Furthermore, you also have to install the router in an ideal place, so that the wifi connection reaches everyone.

Wifi security

While using your broadband connection, it is also quite necessary that you get a very apt VPN connection. Although, your routers can provide you some degree of safety, getting a VPN with your router is even safer. And in today’s world, where cybersecurity threats lie everywhere, one can never be too careful.

Wifi performance

Your wifi performance can end up being massively affected when the router is not up to the mark. Furthermore, a bad internet service provider will also balance out the high wifi router price that you paid to get faster internet. That is why, for better wifi performance, it is ideal that you choose an Airtel wifi router.

Why to Choose Airtel wifi router and broadband?

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That’s not all! Airtel broadband also provides several additional benefits and offers. Therefore, to get all these benefits, and a wifi router for free, switch to Airtel today!