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What is Metaverse

What is metaverse technology & how it works?

You have probably heard the word metaverse floating around the internet quite a lot. While the hype around the concept is still vivid, many are still not sure about what it really is. But with the industry set to grow into an $800 billion market by 2024, according to experts, surely metaverse is just not another buzzword? To top it all off, Meta (erstwhile known as Facebook) and a host of other tech companies are also betting heavily in the metaverse. Thus, where do you go from here? Do you give in to the hype and start looking to experience the metaverse? Or will the hype die down just as soon as it rose? Now, with so much speculation going around, it is quite valid that you always wonder ‘what is metaverse technology?’. No worries, we have got you.

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In this blog, we will explain to you what is the metaverse, what does metaverse mean and how it all works. Keep reading, and by the end of this blog, we hope you have greater clarity. Let’s begin.

What is the metaverse?

You might think the metaverse is a dystopian land where the laws of nature and the universe go haywire. Trust us, it is not really as complex as that. At least for you, a potential consumer. The developers? We can’t really vouch for them for the metaverse being easy to handle.

Let us understand the metaverse now. To put into simpler terms, the metaverse technology is basically a 3D version of the internet and computing. Here is a bit more explanation to provide you a bit more context.

When computing and the internet first came around, all the interactions that we made were based on text. You had SMS, instant messaging apps, emails and more. This continued for a while, until media-based interactions took over. This refers to the recent rise of short videos, streaming platforms, photos-based apps such as Instagram and more.

Now, in the current day and age, the upcoming evolution of internet is focused on improving the user experience and user interaction to the next level. That is where, the 3D version of internet comes in. Let us say, you think of the smartphone in your pocket as always having access to a computer. In a similar pattern, the metaverse is always being inside a computer and the internet.

How does the metaverse work?

Basically, the metaverse will be a digital world. Here, you will be able to live out your life, digitally. You will have a completely digital environment, where you can spend time. You will get a place that is quite like our world, where you will see multiple parallels. In this completely digital world, you will have your very own avatar. Now, your friends in the metaverse will also have their individually customisable avatars. You will be able to interact with them in here.

Is the metaverse basically a video game then?

The pretext where the metaverse is basically a video game is not completely accurate. However, it is the gaming industry that has currently made the very first inroads into this brand-new world. Let us take the example of Fortnite here. You get your very own character here in this game, you can unlock outfits by paying money, you have an online version of yourself etc.

It is widely believed that metaverse will help develop virtual reality into something far greater. You will be able to do almost everything there – hots birthday parties, weddings, buy property, land, and lots more.

How do I access the metaverse?

For now, there is no one single gateway that will grant you entry into the world of metaverse. Instead, you must get yourself some hardware. Now, how much you are willing to spend on this hardware remains completely up to you. For starters, you can get the very cheap Google cardboard. On the other hand, if you want to go pro, the Oculus headsets could also help you get into the world of the metaverse.

Get a faster broadband network

Amidst all this, it is also quite important that you have a proper broadband connection at home. The metaverse is basically you are there inside the internet. Now imagine, you are in the metaverse, and your internet connection lags. Not a good experience. Therefore, having blazing fast internet speeds is important.

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