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Mobile Broadband

What is mobile broadband? Decoding its functionality

Internet is, by far, one of humankind’s greatest innovations. It lets us conduct research, shop online, play games, download files, send emails, check notifications, join video conferences- all with relative ease.

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Since many of us require internet access to get things done, mobile broadband has recently come to light. This technology has become increasingly popular as it allows us to access the internet on multiple devices, such as cell phones, computers, and laptops whenever we’re on the move or sitting at home. So, let’s understand the meaning of mobile broadband connections in detail below:

What is mobile broadband?

High-speed internet access via mobile networks is called mobile broadband. It connects to a mobile network and transmits data through 3G or 4G services. This, in turn, allows us to carry out our routine activities from any corner of the world, but within the coverage area!

Primarily, mobile broadband comes in the following forms:

  • Data-only SIM cards

These cards are usually similar to our mobile SIM cards. However, the only difference is that this SIM card comes with a data allowance without calling and texting benefits.

  • Dongle

A tiny gadget that plugs into our computer’s USB port to connect to the internet.

  • Personal Wifi Device

Popularly known as a portable hotspot or pocket wifi, a personal wifi device is a mini device that connects to 4G to provide wifi to our desktops, laptops, or even tablets.

  • In-car Wifi

It is specially designed to plug into a car. In-car wifi is great for listening to music on cellular devices during a long road trip.

Although, mobile broadband has been around for quite some time, its popularity has significantly increased today due to several reasons. So, let us understand the following benefits that indicate why it has become a hit among the masses:

  • It allows people to work from anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of using mobile broadband is portability. It lets the users work from one place to another without worrying about a bad or slow internet connection. However, it is important to have a SIM card on the go, to access the internet whenever the need arises.

  • It provides internet access on different gadgets

Mobile broadband allows multiple users to access the connection simultaneously. But, a user must have a SIM card to access the internet on laptops, cellular devices, tablets, iPads, and so forth.

  • It saves downtime

Inevitable events like cyberattacks, blackouts, or vandalism may hinder internet access via fixed lines. This, in turn, can result in wastage of time, money, and revenue while conducting business. Therefore, it is wise to use mobile broadband to minimise downtime in times of emergencies.

  • It is ideal for cloud storage

Now, mobile broadband has simplified the process of uploading files and documents to cloud storage accounts. Since it helps us back up crucial data with relative ease, it eradicates the challenge associated with bulk data management.

  • It is quite affordable

Mobile broadband networks allow us to connect to the internet with zero costs, unlike a fixed-line that charges high installation costs. It only requires us to pay for the monthly internet fees and get a free SIM card.

  • It provides high-speed internet

Mobile broadband provides us with better speed at comparatively lower costs. Therefore, we can now easily meet our needs, personal or professional, using mobile broadband within our budget.

  • It improves overall efficiency

Mobile broadband makes our lives a lot easier. It helps us perform our daily tasks, such as interacting with clients, obtaining information on the web, and so on easily. This, in turn, helps us in managing our assigned tasks without skipping the deadline.

In a nutshell, mobile broadband is one of the primary types of broadband networks that deliver high-speed performance. Its reliability, stability, and flexibility make it the best possible solution for everyone who prefers working comfortably from any corner of the world. So, talk to a reputable Internet Service Provider (ISP) like Airtel to know more about their broadband plans and offers. Choose the right option to enjoy a seamless internet experience while travelling!