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Credit Card IFSC Code

What is a Credit Card IFSC Code

Your credit card IFSC code enables you to pay your credit card bills with the help of NEFT payments. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has fixed a dedicated platform from where you can complete your credit card bill payments. Moreover, NEFT or National Electronic Funds Transfer is also a very popular way to send funds. 

You will need your credit card IFSC code to make payments. This is simply because this IFSC code cannot be used to transfer funds to another bank account. This credit card IFSC code helps you to pay your credit card bills without being a savings or current account holder with the same bank.

Axis Bank credit card IFSC codes

IFSC Code for Axis Bank credit card: UTIB0000400

Branch: Mumbai

Difference between credit card IFSC codes and IFSC codes for branches?

Before we dive deeper into how the two IFSC codes are different, you need to know how these codes work and what IFSC means.

IFSC stands for Indian Financial System Code, which is a fixed platform designed by the RBI for swift payments. Now, the RBI has designed this system to ensure that there are no errors or conflicts when people pay their credit card bills. 

The IFSC code acts as an identifier of each bank in India and its branches. A bank cannot have more than one kind of credit card IFSC. This is done so that people can only make their credit card payments to one single bank account. Whereas the IFSC codes for bank branches can be used to perform peer-to-peer bank transactions.

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How does credit card IFSC work?

Your credit card IFSC code can be used for online banking platforms or NEFT payments. The IFSC code will be needed to add that particular bank as your beneficiary. You can use the credit card number as the account number and the credit card name as the account holder.

IFSC codes are essential because they facilitate a smoother transaction from one account to another account via NEFT. Now, there are millions of credit card users in India. However, compared to that, the number of debit card users is far higher. The credit card IFSC code is always linked to the headquarters of the specific bank, allowing people from all over the nation to use it.

When to use IFSC codes?

IFSC codes are only required when you are making NEFT/IMPS/RTGS transactions – basically transactions where money goes from one bank account to another. However, when you are asked to pay your credit card bill, you will usually have a tonne of options ranging from net banking, ATM fund transfer, mobile gateway and many more.

However, if you are asked to pay the credit card bill from a different bank account, NEFT is the easiest and most cost-effective solution out there. 

Here are the details you have to provide to the bank:

  • Name, as it is on the credit card
  • Account number or credit card number
  • Bank name
  • Account type
  • IFSC code
  • Address of the branch

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How to find the IFSC code of the bank?

There are multiple websites and platforms where you can find the IFSC code of a bank. Regardless, it is always advised that you ask the bank itself before you begin any transaction. 

Axis Bank Credit Card IFSC Code Rules and Regulations

  • Axis Bank credit card IFSC code can be used to make NEFT payments
  • Axis Bank provides customers with a customised bill payment experience where the payment frequency can be modified
  • The bank’s availability at the National Automated Clearing House can also be used for paying credit card bills from other bank accounts
  • Axis Bank also allows credit card bill payments to its customers via IMPS

Thus, hopefully, you can now make your Axis Bank credit card bill payments easily.

FAQs on Credit Card IFSC Code

  • Where can I find the credit card IFSC number for my card?

Contact the bank that issued you the credit card to find out the IFSC number.

  • What does credit card IFSC do?

Your credit card IFSC helps you to pay your credit card bill using another bank account.

  • Do credit cards have an IFSC code?

The credit card IFSC code is provided by the bank for a simpler bill payment experience for everyone.