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How to Block Credit Card?

Want to block your trusted credit card because you think you have lost it or it is stolen? Well, now it can be done very easily. In recent times, there has been quite the rise in credit card frauds, thieves, and similar malpractices. On the back of such things, getting your stolen or lost credit card blocked is a pretty good idea to avoid having your funds misused. In addition to blocking your credit card, it is also essential that you inform the bank or the credit card lender about the incident. Doing so, helps you to avoid any future liabilities that could come up. If you do not report the loss of credit card, then the credit card loss or theft could affect you.

Therefore, as you can see, it quite essential that you know about all the steps when it comes to block your credit card.

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How do I get my credit card blocked?

There are multiple ways which you can take to ensure that your credit card gets blocked. Let us have a look at these.

Block credit card online

Almost every major bank has online banking facilities that will help you manage your credit card and account. You can use the same portal to report that your credit card has gone missing or stolen and block it eventually. Internet banking makes it possible for you to block your credit card within a few minutes. Here are the steps that you must follow for the same:

  1. Login to the official net banking website of credit card issuing bank.
  2. Next, go to the requests option and click on the option that asks you to report a lost or stolen credit card.
  3. After that, select the option that says block your credit card and click on submit.

That is all. Your lost or stolen credit card is now blocked and cannot be used by anyone else. Do note that during these steps, you will also find an option that says reissue your credit card. If you want to do that, then select the option. Once your previous credit card is blocked, the new one will be issued to you very soon and you can start using your new card just like you used to.

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Reach out to the customer service helpline to block credit card

You could also reach out to the customer service helpline of your credit card issuing bank for assistance. Please note that credit card companies offer 24*7 calling and chat support for their customers, in case of any emergencies. Therefore, if your credit card has been lost or stolen, you can simply reach out to them and inform them. They will ask you a few necessary questions and get your account blocked soon.

Having trouble finding the number of your credit card lender’s customer support helpline? It is easy! Simply visit their official website and you will get it there. Make sure you provide only the information that is asked, and nothing extra.

Block credit card offline

If the above methods to block your credit card seem uncomfortable to you, then you can always physically go to the credit card issuing bank’s premises and have it blocked from there. Just visit your nearest branch and it will be done swiftly. You will only be asked to fill up a form consisting of your personal details and the bank will take care of it from there.

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Which is the best credit card for me?

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