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Airtel DTH customer ID details

Ways to find your DTH Customer ID or recharge details


Airtel Digital TV offers its users two types of DTH set top boxes. The first one is the HD-High Definition Box. Laden with features like premium video quality, Dolby Digital sound, record and play, and a variety of TV channels, the HD box can be installed in your home at a one-time cost of Rs. 1500! In just Rs. 500 more, you can buy the Airtel Xstream box for Rs. 2000. The Android box brings OTT platforms on big screen along with DTH channels easily in 4K video quality. Even though the offering for both the set top boxes may differ, the way to recharge and manage the accounts is the same. Let’s say if you are wondering how to find Airtel DTH customer ID for your Xstream box, the steps to find the same remain similar for the set top boxes.

Therefore, the process to manage any of your DTH accounts is pretty simple.

What is Airtel DTH customer ID?

The Airtel DTH customer ID is a unique set of numbers starting with the number 3. It is like an account number for your DTH account. The Airtel DTH customer ID details can be used to do the following things:

  • Recharge your DTH
  • Add or remove a channel
  • Upgrade/remove a phone number from your account
  • Find our tour registered number

Given that it performs multiple functions and basically helps you manage all your DTH accounts, it is important you make a permanent note of your Airtel DTH customer ID and keep it with you.

Are you wondering how to find Airtel DTH account number or how to know Airtel DTH customer ID? Well, don’t worry. Read on to know the steps to find your unique customer ID easily.

Ways to find your Airtel DTH customer ID

There are 2 easy ways to find your DTH customer ID. We will be elaborating both of them here.

By using the EPG or Electronic Program Guide on your TV

  • Get your DTH remote and press ‘Menu’ button.
  • You will see a ‘My Account’ option here. Click on it.
  • The ‘My Account’ option includes all your account details in one place.
  • Your Airtel DTH customer ID will be mentioned here. It usually starts with number 3.

By using the channel 998

The Channel 998 is a special channel created by us to help you manage your DTH account at one place.

  • Type 998 on your DTH remote.
  • A help page will load with tabs like Recharge Account, Add Channels, Change my Plan, Upgrade Box, Multi TV Connection, Account Info, ad Xstream app.
  • Use right, left, up, and down keys on your DTH remote to navigate and reach the Account Info section.
  • Click on the same.
  • The page will showcase your Customer ID and Registered Number here.
  • You can take a picture or make note of the same to avoid these steps again in future.

Thus, you can use this method to find out everything about your Airtel DTH customer ID very easily.


Another way to find your Airtel DTH customer ID is using SMS.

  • Type ‘BAL’ and send the SMS to 54325 from your registered mobile number.
  • You will get a reply back with your DTH balance along with your Airtel DTH customer ID.
  • You can pin the SMS in your phone for easy access in future.

Now that you know how to find Airtel DTH customer ID, use this number to recharge your DTH. In addition, you can simply manage your account online or through the Airtel Thanks app.

Recharge your DTH online with your customer ID

You can recharge your DTH easily using your customer ID online. Either head over to the official Airtel website or use the Thanks app to check balance and recharge your DTH.

  • Head over to the DTH tab on Airtel official website.
  • Click on Recharge under DTH.
  • You need to enter your customer ID or your registered mobile number to locate your account details.
  • You will be directed to a new page which will display all your DTH account details which are registered with the entered customer ID.
  • Many DTH plans will be listed here. Choose yours and hit proceed. You can pay using multiple payment modes like UPI, net banking, credit/debit cards, and more.
  • Thereafter, make the payment and your recharge will be successful for your DTH.


Therefore, your Airtel DTH customer ID is an essential number to manage your account. You can use any one of the above-mentioned steps to find your unique customer ID. It can be used to log in your DTH account both on the website and on the Airtel Thanks app. Hence, make sure you keep a note of it for future easy access.

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