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How to connect Netflix to TV?

What is Android TV box and how does it work? Details inside!

Entertainment today is not just limited to daily soap serials on your television or songs on your radio. The world of entertainment has expanded and is continuously becoming more advanced. Be it the 70s classic movies, or a newly released rom-com, OTT platforms have it all. Earlier, the audience had limited content to watch. But, in today’s world, there’s so much content to binge-watch! You can subscribe to OTT platforms paying fixed monthly/yearly charges. But, if you want to enjoy full experience of watching a Prime Video original on the big screen, you will generally need a Smart TV. However, not anymore! Android TV box is here to save the day.

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What is Android TV box?

Android TV box is basically a set top box. It allows the users to watch on-demand videos, video content sites, play games, and watch regular network shows on big screen. All you need is a good internet connection and a TV that supports Android operating system.

Amongst the DTH offers, an android smart TV box comes in different shapes and sizes. Each offers some common features along with some additional ones. Airtel Xstream box is one of the top Android TV boxes available in the market right now. With an Airtel Xstream box, you can turn your regular television into a smart tv. You, as an audience get the best of both the worlds – the network shows, and the OTT platforms originals shows!

How does an Android TV box work?

An android smart TV box works in a very simple manner.

  • All you need to do is connect the box into the back of your regular TV using a HDMI port.
  • You need to set the TV for the correct HDMI input. Just after connecting, choose HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 option depending on the port you have plugged the cable in.
  • The Android smart TV box requires an active internet connection to run properly. Therefore, you will need to connect your box to the available Wi-Fi network. You will also have the option to plug an ethernet cable into the unit.
  • Once the box has access to active internet connection, it is ready for use.
  • You can install your preferred apps from Google Play Store. The Airtel Xstream box offers its users access to 5000+ apps. You will need to sign in using an active Google account to download the apps. Alternatively, you can also install APK files for any app to run on your TV.
  • Your Android box can run without internet thanks to its internal storage. You can also plug in external storage devices to stream content on your TV using the android box.
  • Most of the Android boxes also allow you to watch regular television. Airtel Xtsream gives you access to 500+ TV channels to choose from!

Unique features of an Android smart TV box

Every manufacturer of an Android TV box offers different features. Here are some common features you should look out for.

Built-in Chromecast

The Chromecast feature is usually built in the box. You can cast any content from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc., on your television very easily. Airtel Xstream box has this feature included.

Google Assistant

Most of the Android boxes have Google Assistant enabled OS. The Airtel Xstream box offers a voice-enabled remote to search your favourite content using Google assistant.

Extra ports

Look for a box that provides additional ports to connect the box with other devices. USB ports, SD card slots, ethernet ports can be used to connect external storage device, or a get wired connection respectively.

Given that you can also download games on your Android TV box, having a USB port is a good option. You can connect your mouse, keyboards, gaming controllers, and other peripheral devices for a smooth gaming experience.

Get Airtel Xstream box today!

Apart from these regular features, the Airtel Xtsream box offers loads of other features. Here are some of them.

  • Get access to a wide variety of apps and games from Google Play Store
  • Use Smartphone as remote and game pad
  • Powered by latest Android 9.0
  • Android TV box 4K video quality: remarkable clarity and vibrant images
  • Dolby sound system
  • Pay just Rs. 1,500 for the best Android box and make it yours today!

Invest in this media center for best of both the worlds of entertainment! If you are looking for an IPTV in India, then bring home an Xstream box in just Rs. 1,500 today for an excellent entertainment experience!