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Airtel DTH language change

Learn how to change language in Airtel DTH Digital TV Set Top box

Airtel is a leading DTH provider in India that offers content to its subscribers in multiple languages. These include Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, Marathi, and so forth. As it allows the viewers to watch movies, series, and TV shows in their preferred languages, many people are switching to their DTH services without hesitation. In this article, we will help you understand how to change channel language in Airtel DTH in different ways. So, come, let’s find out everything about Airtel DTH language change in detail below:

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Does Airtel Digital TV allow users to change language?

Yes, Airtel Digital TV lets you select the language of your choice.

Whether you’re unable to understand the default TV language or unhappy with the audio quality, don’t worry! The only thing left to do here is to change the language of your Airtel Digital TV in a couple of ways.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide that explains the several ways to change the language on your Android set-top box. So, come, let’s find out below:

How to change language in Airtel Digital TV?

To change the Airtel TV’s default settings language to your preferred one, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Select the ‘Menu’ button on the centre of the remote control
  • Scroll to the extreme right and click the ‘Settings’ button
  • Go to the ‘User Settings’ option and press ‘Language Setup.’ Once done, you will be able to see a new screen that displays different language options
  • Choose the language of your choice
  • Go back to the ‘Menu’ button and confirm the changes before you exit
  • Press ‘Yes’ and leave the screen

With these steps, you can quite easily select your preferred language on Airtel Digital TV.

How to change the audio language of a channel in Airtel DTH?

Now, if you’re looking forward to changing the language of a particular channel, such as Discovery or Pogo on Airtel Digital TV, follow the process given below:

  • Go to the channel that requires a change in the language
  • Select the ‘OK’ button
  • Choose the blue-coloured language button on the remote control. Once done, several options will appear on your screen
  • Select your preferred language by clicking on the right arrow button
  • Click on ‘OK’ once again.

After following the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to watch your favorite DTH TV channels in your preferred language, be it Marathi, Hindi, or Tamil.

Note: Use the above method to change the audio language of different channels that come in more than one language, such as the Discovery channel. This way, you will be able to change the language as per your need and personalize your favorite Airtel Digital TV set-top box.

If you wish to change the language setting back to English or the default language, follow the same steps mentioned above.

If your preferred language is not available in the given options by the company, you will have to wait until the DTH provider includes it in their list.

How to change language in the Airtel DTH TV app or the Airtel Xstream app?

Well, this is the simplest way to select your preferred language when watching TV. All you need is the Airtel Xstream app and you’re good to go.

Once you have the app, follow the steps given below to change the language:

  • Open the app and press the three-dash button from the right corner. Once done, you will see the entire menu, which displays the different language options on your screen
  • Choose your preferred language
  • Once you select the language of your choice, click on ‘Confirm’

If you’ve followed the above-mentioned process correctly, the app will display the TV content in the language of your choice.

To sum up, Airtel Digital TV has made changing the language quite simple with the above-mentioned steps for its subscribers. So, they don’t have to contact the customer care team or visit the store to inform the providers. All they have to do is follow our guide to select their preferred language while sitting at home. These steps will provide the users with an experience of watching television in their mother tongue. Isn’t that great? So, get started with the process right now!