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Digital cable TV

What Is Digital TV and How Does It Work?

The humble TV set is a part and parcel of our daily lives. Just like our smartphones, the TV also plays a key role in keeping us entertained. Be it cricket matches, prime time news debates, Indian soap operas or movies, everything seems so much better on the TV. As a result, it is quite important that you get a TV connection that suits your needs. And with TVs getting way better than ever before, why should you stay behind with a subpar connection? If you are still using a normal cable connection, then the sooner you upgrade, the better it is. Switch to the world of digital TV and experience the massive jump in quality with your very own eyes.

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What is digital TV?

Digital TV is the method of transmission of TV signals digitally, which is an upgrade over the regular analog TV signals that needed to be transmitted via wires. In the case of a digital TV, you directly get signals for your TV via a satellite dish. Furthermore, there is also a significant jump in the picture quality, overall sound, and display resolution as well. This, in turn, provides a much better TV watching experience for everyone involved.

How does digital TV work?

To understand how digital TV signal works, you need to understand that digital TV converts the regular signals into binary codes or 0s and 1s. This is the same technology that helps computers to store files within them.

First, the program is divided or broken down into tiny bits, where each bit represents a very miniscule part of information. Then, the bits are rearranged once again to recreate the picture that was originally meant to be transmitted. This way, the overall image quality is not affected in any manner. The picture and sounds that are generated are identical, leading to a better end-user experience for the consumer.

Benefits of digital TV

Here are some of the benefits of digital TV, that make it so much better:

  1. Compare your digital TV connection to analog, and you will see a general improvement in every aspect. Picture quality, audio output, Record & Play features and many more.
  2. Even for broadcasters, digital TV is much better. The digital TV connection reduces the bandwidth needed for transmission. As a result, you always get HD broadcasts.
  3. A single broadcaster can also transmit the same channel in SD as well as HD, thanks to a digital TV connection.

As a result, the overall experience with a digital TV is much better. Furthermore, with the right set-top box, you can even get a DTH connection that allows you to stream OTT content on the TV.

It is a common notion that the Digital TV and the HD TV are quite similar. However, that is not so accurate. To make things right for you, digital TV is only one aspect of the HDTV. A digital TV simply refers to the broadcasting technology that is used. On the other hand, the HDTV is an advanced form of broadcasting that helps you watch channels in greater resolution.

Hence, you need a digital TV for watching anything with a digital broadcasting. However, you will need both the digital TV and the right HDTV to watch the high-definition content on your TV comfortably.

Digital TV

What are the types of Airtel digital TV available?

If you are thinking how do I get digital TV’ then you would be pleased to know that Airtel offers two different digital TV options for you. The digital TV price has also been kept quite competitive, to ensure that you get the very best deal when you choose Airtel digital TV. Here are our two offerings and their respective features that help them stand out:

The Airtel HD box at just ₹750

  • You always get premium HD quality video with the Airtel DTH HD set top box.
  • Equipped with Dolby Digital Sound to enhance your audio intake.
  • Record and play features to help you when you miss out on your favourite TV content.
  • A wide range of channels within the Airtel catalogue, with multiple packs and a la carte options.

The Airtel Xstream Android TV box at just ₹1,500

  • Now turn your regular TV into an Android TV with the help of Airtel’s Android TV box. No need to purchase a new smart TV
  • Get the latest version of Android TV to experience smart TV like never before
  • Access to thousands of apps on the Google Play Store, which have been optimised for large screen entertainment
  • Watch OTT content now on your TV. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar and more, now you can binge-watch them to your heart’s content on the big screen
  • Built-in Chromecast to help you cast your screen wirelessly to the TV
  • Use the Google Voice Assistant for a completely hands-free TV experience

Hence, with so many features and benefits, and at such incredible prices, getting an Airtel Digital TV for your home is a no-brainer.

How do I get Airtel digital TV?

Here’s how to get Airtel digital TV very easily:

From the Airtel website:

  1. Open the Airtel website and click on the DTH tab.
  2. You will be redirected to the Airtel DTH page.
  3. Choose your preferred DTH set top box and the channel pack that you want.
  4. For the final step, enter your personal details, location, and other necessary information as required, and make the payment.
  5. An Airtel official will be at your doorstep very soon to install your new DTH box.

From the Airtel Thanks app:

  1. Download the Thanks app and go to the DTH section.
  2. Follow the same steps as mentioned above: choose the DTH box, channel plan, enter details and make the payment.
  3. Your DTH set top box will soon be installed at your home in almost no time.

Choose Airtel DTH today and transform your TV!