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Difference between analog and digital TV

Difference between digital tv and analog cable connection

The decision to switch to digital television system was long overdue. Finally, the Indian government under The Cable Television Networks Amendment Act of 2011 made it mandatory for viewers to switch to the new DAS or Digital Addressable System by the year 2014. Since then, people have switched in heavy numbers to digital set top box setup for watching their favourite TV shows.

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It is speculated that TRAI will push forward for complete shutdown of analog operations by 2023. Therefore, you need to know how to change your Analog TV to digital TV immediately. A DTH box can help you with the transition. We will talk more on that further in the article.

To give you some context, we will first discuss difference between analog and digital TV in detail. Let’s get started!

What is Analog TV?

As the name suggests, Analog TV uses an original technology which uses analog signals to transmit audio and video for your TV. The analog signals and their transmission are highly affected by electronic noise or any other interferences. Therefore, it’s signal is weaker and is subject to certain conditions.

With the introduction of DTV or Digital TV, the transition has been rapid and continuous across the world.

What is Digital TV?

Digital TV or DTV uses digital encoding for transmission of TV signals. It uses lower bandwidth and makes optimal use of the radio spectrum.

The first country to adapt to DTV was Luxembourg. Other countries soon followed.

Difference between Analog and Digital communication

Now that you have a basic understanding of what is analog and digital TV, let’s discuss the difference between Analog and Digital TV.

Basis of difference

Analog TV

Digital TV

Type of signals TV can process Only analog signals Both analog and digital signals
Type of Display used Cathode Ray Tubes Flat panel displays like LCD, LED, or plasma
Physical appearance Big and bulky Thin and less bulky
Power Consumption More power consumption Less power consumption
Video Quality Supports only SD (Standard Definition) or 480p Supports both SD and HD (High Definition) (480p – 1080p)
Screen size Less than or equal to 30 inches Going up to 55 inches and more
Prone to noise Yes No
Prone to distortion Yes No


These are a few basic Analog and Digital TV differences.

As discussed above, the Indian Government has made it mandatory to use DTV. Read on to know how to change Analog TV to Digital.

How to make analog TV digital?

You don’t have to buy a new smart TV to switch to a digital network. By just using a normal set top box instead of your cable connection, you can change your analog TV to a digital TV.

Either you can contact your existing cable operator to provide you a set top box or you can subscribe to D2H or Direct to Home services offered by Airtel Digital TV, Tata Sky, Jio TV, etc.

NOTE: A set top box helps in converting digital signals into normal content that we can watch on TV. DTH is the connection which sends these digital signals from a satellite to the set top box.

Therefore, by just installing a set top box in your home with your television, you can change Analog TV to Digital easily.

Switch to digital TV with Airtel Digital TV

You can consider opting for Airtel Digital TV to convert your analog TV to digital one. Currently, there are two set top boxes which can help you with the process.

They are as follows:

Airtel HD Box

You can install the Airtel HD Box at your home in just Rs. 1000. The box offers premium video quality, record & play feature, and a variety of DTH packages to choose from!

Airtel Xstream Box – Android box

This particular set top box can help you convert your regular TV into a smart one. How? Viewers can both stream OTT platforms and watch DTH channels on their regular TV using the Xstream Box. You will have to pay Rs. 1500 as the set top box activation charges along with DTH plan monthly rental.

Explore more about these boxes on our website.

We hope now you know the difference between analog and digital TV and how you can change your analog TV to digital. Switching to a digital TV is a smart move in this advanced digital world. It provides better picture and audio quality than an analog TV. Moreover, the analog TV consumes more power. Hence, making it an expensive option for you.

Go online, talk to people, compare products, and get the best digital TV at affordable charges for your home to enjoy the best of the entertainment world!