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Differences between IP TV vs Digital TV Box

In this day and age, all our devices have been developing at a rapid pace. The mobile phone, which once had keypads, is now a glass screen. The laptops are getting smaller, faster, and more powerful. Watches have come with the latest features, Operating Systems and more. In a world where change has become the only constant, the humble TV has also changed itself from its rather boxy past.

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The TVs of the older days were quiet broad and heavy, while the content did not have much variety either. Fast forward to the modern day and you get sleek, smart TVs, equipped with 8K display technologies and much more. But, it’s not just always about looks. Technology has gone to places where there’s much more than what meets the eye of the common man. Now you get IP TVs, and digital TV boxes.

Here at Airtel, we have both: the Airtel Xstream smart Android box and the Airtel DTH set top box. However, there are quite a lot of underlying differences between a smart IP TV vs Digital TV box. Let us look at some of them.

Features available in Airtel Digital DTH digital TV box

Here are some of the features that you can get on Airtel Digital DTH TV box:

  1. You get to experience content in premium, HD quality. Therefore, your viewing experience is quite enhanced, and you get picture clarity like never before.
  2. The incredible picture quality is also supported by Dolby Digital Sound. Thus, you will now get to hear sounds and music effects far clearer than before.
  3. Airtel provides you the flexibility of choosing from a wide variety of channel packs. Moreover, you can also go ahead with the a-la-carte plans available, if you do not want an entire channel pack.
  4. The record and play feature can also come quite handy when you are unable to watch live TV. Instead, you can simply record the entire duration of the on-air program and rewatch it whenever you are finally comfortable.

Hence, with Airtel DTH set top box, you get the whole package. Get yourself our DTH HD box and never miss a moment.

Regardless, if you do want an upgrade over your DTH HD TV, then we have it for you too. The Airtel Xstream Android set top box will open up a whole new world of smart TV for you.

Features available in Airtel Xstream Android IP TV box

When you look at the Airtel Xstream TV, this is where you will notice the differences between IP TV vs cable or IP TV vs dish TV. The Xstream box, or IP TV, can make a big difference to your big screen enterrainment experience, because it is connected to the internet. Here are a few benefits that make our Airtel Xstream android box, the clear winner when it comes to IP TV vs digital TV.

Stream OTT, only on IP TV

Since you have to connect your IP TV to the broadband, you get to stream multiple OTT platforms on it. Therefore, now you can watch the very latest movies, TV shows and a lot more. This wouldn’t have been possible with a normal DTH connection. With a normal DTH recharge, you can only access the cable TV channels.

Get a smart TV with Airtel Xstream

With Airtel Xstream box, you get a smart Android TV in your home. The best part here is that you don’t even have to invest in a significantly more expensive smart TV setup. Simply choose Airtel Xstream, connect it to the TV, and you get a smart TV in the house, at a fraction of the cost.

The power of Android, now in your TV

Android and its popularity need no new introduction. Furthermore, with Android TV OS becoming so smart, it is only apt that we equipped the Xstream box with the same technology as well. Our IP TV box is powered via Android 9.0 and delivers a smooth OS experience. Switch channels, perform multiple actions, cast content, stream OTT and do much more, but smoother than ever.

Google’s very own Voice Assistant

We have also equipped the Xstream box with the Google Assistant. Hence, you can now communicate with your TV. Smart, isn’t it?

Chromecast for your screen casting

In addition to all these features, you also get Google’s Chromecast on Airtel Xstream. It lets you cast your phone’s screen into the TV. It is perfect for showing slideshows, photo albums, memorable videos and more.

The benefits of switching to an IP TV or a smart Airtel android box are many. Still confused about which one to get. We suggest getting the Xstream set top box makes more sense. Try it out yourself, and immerse yourself into the world of smart TVs, today!