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Top Travel TV Series and Shows to Watch on Television- Airtel

All travel freaks in the house, assemble! This one’s purely for you all. If you’re planning your next trip and need guidance, then a good travel series could help. So, whether you are a hardcore tourist, a seasoned traveller, or an armchair explorer, we list down the best travel shows and TV series of various genres which include the wildlife, food, and history for you to binge-watch or probably get inspired and plan your next travel adventure.

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List of Top Travel Shows to Watch on Television

  • Rick Steves’ Europe
  • The Kindness Diaries
  • Planet Earth
  • Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
  • Dark Tourist
  • Departures
  • The Americans with Simon Reeve

1. Rick Steves’ Europe

As the name of the show suggests, Rick Steves’ Europe is a popular travel series hosted by travel expert Rick Steves who is on an adventure to explore the wonders of Europe. From getting tips on budget travel in European cities and towns to savouring the local cuisine, enjoy this informative travel series and confront some hidden gems of the continent. Listen to ancient legends and stories that are not a part of popular culture. The show provides you with an amazing perspective on Europe’s culture, food, history, and lodging.

2. The Kindness Diaries

Embark on a global adventure and explore different countries and cultures from the comfort of your house with the Kindness Diaries. Hosted by Leon Logothetis, this travel show focuses on the chronicles of the host travelling the world on his vintage bike and asking for help from strangers for food, shelter, and other necessities. Watch interesting scenarios unfold as you see him explore the world in a style while struggling with daily life activities and taking on various challenges. As Leon in this show completely relies on the kindness of strangers, the show is named as the Kindness Diaries.

3. Planet Earth

One of the highest rated and most talked-about travel TV show in the world, Planet Earth is a groundbreaking documentary-style series that brings to you the stunning wildlife of the world. Explore the natural diversity and wildlife wonders in different countries and continents. The series is produced by BBC and has 11 episodes focusing on different mountains, forests, oceans, and other such ecosystems. Watch the grandeur of the world’s greatest deserts, polar ice caps, towering hill ranges, and a lot more to treat your senses.

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4. Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

If you are someone who loves exploring different cuisines or someone who wouldn’t mind experiencing lip-smacking flavours from around the world, then Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern should be a treat. One of the most loved food travel shows, it captures the tanginess that different countries subscribe to. Explore unconventional dishes and unusual culinary traditions in places like Cambodia, Iceland, etc. In the show, you also get to learn about food artisans, chefs, and the historical significance of different dishes.

5. Dark Tourist

Undoubtedly, one of the most unusual and greatest travel TV series that you just cannot miss! The Dark Tourist keeps you glued to your television screen on account of mystifying legends and thrilling stories associated with different places. In the show, the host David Farrier ventures on a journey where he explores places related to death and suffering. You get to see disaster sites, haunted houses, and everything related to ‘Dark Tourism’. The show is produced by Netflix and showcases a different perspective of human society.

6. Departures

An adventure travel series that premiered from 2008 to 2010 with 42 episodes, Departures is all about two high-school friends voyaging on a world tour and immersing themselves in different cultural and historical experiences. The hosts Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach travel the entire world and explore popular as well as remote locations. They trek, hike, walk, and camp through different cities and come across traditions and customs that not many people know about. Due to the visually inspiring stories, it is one of the most loved travel shows in the world.

7. The Americans with Simon Reeve

The list of the best travel shows would be incomplete without ‘The Americans with Simon Reeve’. Explore the social and cultural diversity of the United States including the aesthetic wonders of Alaska and the chaotic beauties of New York. During tours, Simon Reeve takes you through interesting local stories and brings you the offbeat American culture you never knew about. The show also focuses on the political, historical, architectural, and natural aspects of the country.

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