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MNP process to port number

All you need to know about the MNP online process to port number to postpaid


Network providers are a dime a dozen in India, however, only a few of them actually provide good network and services. So it’s no wonder that many people, like you, would want to switch connections and port number to a better network provider.

Earlier, the process used to be a tedious one, with the user having to visit a store physically. However, now with Mobile Number Portability (MNP), you can easily port your number online. And Airtel, as one of the top players in the industry, has made this process even more seamless and hassle free!

What Is MNP?

Mobile Number Portability or MNP is the facility provided by telecom carriers to ease the process of porting your connection to a new network in India, without having to change you existing number.

These days, changing your number can be a hassle, as many documents and bills such as your Aadhar Card, electricity bill, etc are linked to your mobile number. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer with a subpar network provider. With MNP, you can now easily switch networks within a few days from the comfort of your home.

MNP Online Process to Port Number

The process of port number has never been easier. Especially with a top telecom company like Airtel, this process has been made much easier keeping the comfort and safety of the consumers in mind.

Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll have your postpaid connection in no time:

  1. Browse through various plans and choose the perfect plan for you and confirm port-in request.
  2. Schedule free doorstep KYC pickup & SIM delivery.
  3. Now generate your Unique Porting Code (UPC) by sending an SMS to 1900. Just type PORT along with your 10 digit mobile number and send it to 1900.
  4. You will receive your unique code via SMS from 1901 within the next 5 minutes. (Remember that the code’s validity is only for 4 days. So only generate the code when our executive has arrived at your house.)
  5. Now share your UPC along with your valid address & identity proofs with our executive. Check list of valid documents here.

And that’s it, you’re done! The executive will give you your new SIM immediately which will be activated within 48 hours* from the time of your document validation. Now just insert your SIM card and start enjoying uninterrupted network with Airtel.

Why You Should Port Your Number to Airtel Postpaid

Airtel is a telecom company that has been offering excellent network and a plethora of additional services for years. Airtel is not only one of the oldest and top brands in the industry, but it is also a brand that innovates and continues to grow over the years.

With the latest postpaid plans and easy MNP porting that Airtel offers, it has to be the number one choice when switching your network. Listed below are some reasons for you to port number to Airtel Postpaid:

48-hour MNP Process Guarantee

Once your documents and UPC are verified and logged in by the Airtel executive, the MNP process only takes around 48 hours for transfer within the state and a maximum of 4 days for interstate transfer. Faster process means a quicker switch from your current operator to Airtel.

No Downtime During The Day

A big worry many people have when porting SIMs is the long period between operators. However, with Airtel Postpaid, you won’t face this. You will remain connected to your current operator till the time your new connection is ready to be activated. Even then you’ll only face a few minutes of downtime at night, which you will be duly informed about.

Easier MNP Status Tracking

Tracking your MNP status has never been easier. With Airtel Postpaid, all you have to do is download the Airtel Thanks app (available on Android and iOS), register with your port number, and track your SIM port status.

Port to Postpaid Absolutely Free

There are no hidden charges beside the plan charges mentioned on the Airtel website. This means no activation fees, free home delivery of SIM, and no security deposit.

Minimal Documentation

Unlike other network providers, with Airtel all you need for the documentation process is to submit a photo ID and address proof along with your number to switch from any network in India to Airtel.

Airtel Black Facility

Apart from the exciting Airtel Postpaid plans starting at Rs 399 per month, users can now enjoy the best combo offers with Airtel Black, the company’s all-in-one plan that combines Postpaid, DTH and Fiber-optic broadband under one umbrella.


After all the contemplation, Airtel Postpaid truly seems to be the way forward if you want to experience an extremely seamless porting experience with MNP. Visit the official website and get your MNP process started now!

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