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How to activate international roaming?

How to Activate International Roaming?

Be it a business meeting abroad or a foreign vacation with your family, international travel is not the same as domestic travel. While a few reservations and hotel bookings are enough to prep you for domestic travel, an international one requires you to put in extra time for sorting out visa formalities, learning more about the local culture, and deciding on your international roaming plans for easy communication.

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This article will help you understand more about International Roaming Services. Here are a few points we will cover:

Let’s get started.

What is International Roaming Service?

An International Roaming Service allows users to use their SIM to enjoy voice, SMS, and data services while traveling outside the home country. The users need to activate the IR service to stay connected with their loved ones when traveling abroad. If the service is not activated, it will restrict the users from even getting incoming calls from their home country.

Why is International Roaming Service important?

The International Roaming (IR) service helps users stay active and connected even when traveling abroad. Every international traveler needs to activate this service for the following reasons:

  • An inactive IR service can make it difficult for your loved ones to connect with you on call or through any other social media apps. If the IR service is not active for your sim, you won’t be able to receive incoming calls or use data services to place online calls.
  • An active IR service helps users to navigate in a new country. Even if your plan is to buy a local sim, you will need your phone for online directions, travel related updates, etc., to assist you in a new and unfamiliar destination. The sim also needs to be active for contacting emergency services.
  • The IR service will help you contact your loved ones immediately in case of an emergency.
  • You won’t need to rely on unsecured public wi-fi connections to use the internet. Public wi-fi connections are not secure and are prone to cyber threats. You can use your own data with an active IR service.
  • Your bank might try to reach out to you on your primary number for reporting fraudulent activities like card cloning or identity theft. If your number is not active, you might suffer heavy losses. Therefore, an active and reachable number in foreign countries is quite significant.

If you are also planning to travel abroad, we highly recommend you activate IR service for your Airtel Prepaid or Postpaid sim. Keep reading to know the detailed steps for activating IR services.

How to activate International Roaming for Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid SIM?

The IR service for an Airtel Prepaid and a Postpaid customer can be activated using the following methods:

  • Open the Airtel Thanks app and toggle on for international roaming service.
  • Call on 121 if you are in India or +91-99100-99100 (toll-free) if you are outside India to activate IR services by Airtel.
  • Send a text on the WhatsApp number 9910099100 for details related to IR packs.
  • SMS IRSTART to 121 for activating IR service.

Disclaimer: Prepaid customers need to maintain sufficient balance along with activating IR service to use International Roaming while abroad. The balance can be maintained either by buying a separate IR pack or a talk time recharge to keep their prepaid sim active abroad.

Additionally, ensure the international roaming is switched on your phone for the IR service. You can find the option in the settings app of your phone. Once the IR service is active, you can explore our best-selling IR packs.

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Here’s a list for your reference:

Airtel International Roaming Plans for Prepaid Connection

Short Duration Packs
Rental Validity Set 1 countries Set 2 countries
₹ 899 10 Days 1GB Data 500MB Data
₹ 2,998 30 Days 5GB Data 2.5GB Data
Long Duration Packs
Rental Validity Set 1 countries Set 2 countries
₹ 2,997 365 Days 2GB Data 1GB Data
Data Top Up
Rental Validity Set 1 countries Set 2 countries
₹ 755 5 Days 1GB Data 500MB Data

Airtel International Roaming Plans for Postpaid Connection

Short Duration Packs
Rental Validity Set 1 countries Set 2 countries
₹ 649 1 Day High Speed Unlimited 500MB Data High Speed Unlimited 250MB Data
₹ 2,999 10 Days High Speed Unlimited 5GB Data High Speed Unlimited 2.5GB Data
₹ 3,999 30 Days High Speed Unlimited 12GB Data High Speed Unlimited 6GB Data
Long Duration Packs
Rental Validity Set 1 countries Set 2 countries
₹ 5,999 90 Days High Speed Unlimited 2GB Data High Speed Unlimited 1GB Data
₹ 14,999 365 Days High Speed Unlimited 15GB Data High Speed Unlimited 7.5GB Data
Data Top Up
Rental Validity Set 1 countries Set 2 countries
₹ 755 5 Days High Speed Unlimited 1GB Data High Speed Unlimited 500MB Data

Airtel International Roaming Set 1 List of Countries

Looking for the Airtel International Roaming Pack Set 1 countries? Here is the list:

Afghanistan China Guatemala
Albania Colombia Guernsey
Argentina Costa Rica Guyana
Armenia Croatia Honduras
Australia Cyprus Hong Kong
Austria Czech Republic Hungary
Azerbaijan Denmark Iceland
Bahrain Ecuador Indonesia
Bangladesh El Salvador Iran
Belarus Estonia Iraq
Belgium Faroe Islands Ireland
Bhutan Fiji Isle of Mann
Bolivia Finland Israel
Bosnia & Herzegovina France Italy
Brazil Georgia Japan
Brunei Germany Jersey
Bulgaria Gibraltar Jordan
Cambodia Greece Kazakhstan
Canada Greenland Korea
Chile Guam Kuwait
Kyrgyz Republic Nicaragua Slovenia
Lao Norway Spain
Latvia Oman Sri Lanka
Liechtenstein Palestine Suriname
Lithuania Panama Sweden
Luxembourg Papua New Guinea Switzerland
Macau Paraguay Taiwan
Macedonia Peru Tajikistan
Malaysia Philippines Thailand
Malta Poland Timor
Mexico Portugal Turkey
Moldova Puerto Rico UAE
Monaco Qatar Ukraine
Mongolia Romania United Kingdom
Montenegro Russia Uruguay
Myanmar Samoa USA
Nauru Saudi Arabia Uzbekistan
Nepal Serbia Vietnam
Netherlands Singapore Yemen
New Zealand Slovak Republic

Airtel International Roaming Set 2 List of countries

Here is the list for Airtel International Roaming Pack Set 2 countries:

Algeria Burundi Ethiopia
Anguilla Cameroon French West Indies
Antigua & Barbuda Cape Verde Gabon
Aruba Cayman Islands Ghana
Bahamas Central African Republic Grenada
Barbados Congo Guinea
Benin Cote D’Ivoire Guinea Bissau
Bermuda Democratic Republic of Congo Haiti
Botswana Dominica Jamaica
British Virgin Islands Dominican Republic Kenya
Burkina Faso Egypt Lesotho
Liberia Reunion Island Tanzania
Madagascar Rwanda Tchad
Malawi Senegal Tonga
Maldives Seychelles Trinidad
Mali Sierra Leone Tunisia
Mauritius South Africa Turks & caicos
Montserrat St Lucia Uganda
Morocco St. Kitts & Nevis Vanuatu
Mozambique St. Vincent & the Grenadines Zambia
Niger Sudan Zimbabwe
Nigeria Swaziland