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Best postpaid connection plans for heavy internet users

The internet has become one of the necessities for humans. Whether it is a student, professional employee, or business owner, each one relies on the internet to accomplish their daily tasks.

This only proves that everyone’s dependency on the Internet has increased over the years, and so has its usage. Hence, leading telecom operators, like Airtel, provide high-speed internet plans for postpaid users.

In this section, we will understand Airtel’s best internet plans for postpaid users in detail:

Rs. 399 Postpaid Pack

Priced at Rs. 399, this Airtel postpaid connection plan provides you with a 40 GB internet data and some other benefits such as:

  • Unlimited STD/local/roaming calls
  • 100 SMS per day
  • One-year subscription to Amazon Prime, and
  • Free access to the Airtel Xstream app

Rs. 499 Postpaid Pack

Under this plan, you can enjoy up to 75 GB data along with the following benefits at Rs. 499:

  • Amazon Prime subscription for 12 months
  • Unlimited local/STD/ and roaming calls
  • Disney+ Hotstar mobile subscription
  • Airtel Xstream membership
  • 100 SMS every day
  • Handset Protection

Rs. 999 Postpaid Pack

This Airtel postpaid connection pack is a great, yet affordable option that provides 150 GB data. So, you can perform your online activities with relative ease at superfast speed. Besides, you can also enjoy other benefits as mentioned below:

  • Subscription to Amazon Prime and Disney+ Hotstar Mobile
  • Airtel Xstream access
  • 100 SMS per day
  • Unlimited local/STD/ and roaming calls
  • Regular and family add on connections

Rs. 1,599 Postpaid Pack

Well, this is the best one! This VIP postpaid connection plan provides up to 500 GB data along with other OTT and standard benefits as listed below:

  • 200 ISD mins calling
  • 100 SMS per day
  • Amazon Prime and Disney+ Hotstar subscription
  • Unlimited local/STD and roaming calls
  • Access to the Airtel Xstream app
  • Handset Protection
  • 1 regular and 1 free family add-ons
  • 10% off on IR Packs

Airtel offers different postpaid connection plans to cater to your needs. Thus, see to it that you choose between these plans after understanding your daily internet consumption. Then, make the final selection after considering these factors mentioned below:

Data Rollover

Many operators carry forward the unused data to the next month, which is, termed data rollover. Doing so ensures that you never run of data in times of need.

Calling and SMS

It is one of the common features covered under every postpaid plan. So, make it a point to check the basic calling and SMS facilities under the plans that you liked the most before the final purchase.

OTT benefits

Many leading operators have introduced OTT benefits under their postpaid plans. For instance, Airtel offers free subscriptions to popular OTT channels, like Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, ZEE5, and so forth.

Roaming Fees

Telecom operators levy roaming charges when you leave your home network area. These charges are generally applicable while travelling domestically as well as internationally. So, see to it that you confirm these charges with a provider beforehand.

Customer Support

It may seem trivial, but trust us, it is quite crucial! Everybody needs good customer care services to ensure quick assistance in times of need.

These above-mentioned factors will help you in selecting some of Airtel’s best postpaid plans based on your internet usage and other preferences. Therefore, make the correct decision after considering the roaming charges, customer service, entertainment benefits, data provision, calling and texting facilities.