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Do roaming calls on Airtel Postpaid Sim incur extra charges? Read on!

Even though we couldn’t step out of the house in the past two years (due to the pandemic), except for when getting groceries, we all love to travel around the world or at least around the nation. We take care of all the necessities for the trip. However, one really pesky thing that most of us neglect is roaming charges when we’re trying to reach our loved ones back home. But that was a problem of the past. These days you don’t have to worry about roaming charges, especially with a plan like Airtel’s cheap postpaid connection. Wondering if you’ll be charged extra for making calls from a different state or country? Well, that entirely depends on whether you’re planning to travel nationally or internationally.

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National Roaming On Airtel Postpaid

If you’re travelling within India on an Airtel Postpaid sim, you don’t have a thing to worry about. With an Airtel Postpaid connection, not only do you get unlimited calls, but you also get free roaming calls, incoming and outgoing included. Moreover, you also get a bunch of additional perks that make the experience much better.

So, why would you go for any random cheap Postpaid plan when the perfect one for your needs is right here? Airtel Postpaid has plans starting from Rs 399 going all the way up to Rs 1,599. It offers two Personal plans and two Family plans with free add-on connections. Check out a more detailed overview of the Airtel Postpaid plans here:

Cost Per Month Data Per Month All India Calls + Roaming SMS Per Day Additional Benefits
Rs.399 40GB Unlimited 100 Airtel Xtreme app subscription

Airtel Thanks Rewards

Data Rollover up to 200Gb

Rs. 499 75GB Unlimited 100 All of the above plus:

A one-year amazon prime subscription

Disney+Hotstar mobile subscription

Handset protection

Rs. 999 150GB Unlimited 100 All of the above plus:

Free 2 family add-on connections

Rs. 1599 500GB Unlimited 100 All of the above plus:

Free 1 family add-on connection instead of 2

200 ISD Mins & 10% off on IR Packs

International Roaming On Airtel’s cheap postpaid plans

While national roaming is absolutely free with Airtel Postpaid, things are a little different with international roaming. Similar to how you would do with a Prepaid connection, with Airtel Postpaid also, you’ll simply have to add on an International Roaming pack as per your needs when travelling abroad.

It’s a pretty simple and easy process to get your international pack activated before you leave for your trip. Just follow these steps and you’re good to go on that international trip with your upgraded Airtel Postpaid connection:

  • Go to https://www.airtel.in/ir-packs/
  • Select the name of the country you are visiting from the dropdown list
  • Enter your 10-digit Airtel Postpaid mobile number
  • You’ll now see a bunch of International Roaming Packs starting with a one-day pack to an annual pack
  • Choose the one you need and click on “Get Pack”
  • Now enter the OTP sent to your Airtel Postpaid number
  • Next, click on “Buy Pack” and you’re done!

The benefits of your International Roaming pack will get automatically activated on arrival in your destination country. And that’s how you can easily get an international pack to avoid paying a premium roaming amount when travelling out of the country.

Airtel’s cheap postpaid Plan With Discounts On International Roaming

If you’re not looking for some random cheap Postpaid plan and are willing to splurge a little on your Postpaid connection, Airtel might have the perfect plan for you. With the Family plan priced at Rs 1,599, you also get 200 ISD minutes and an exciting 10% discount on your International Roaming packs.
So, what are you waiting for? Go choose your ideal Airtel Postpaid plan NOW!