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How to fix lagging issue on your phone

How to fix lagging issue on your phone

While smartphones power us through our days, there are certain moments when our smartphone starts lagging. There might be multiple reasons on why your phone might be lagging, but how do you solve this? In this blog, we will help you sort out all the lagging issues on your phone, so that the smartphone starts working smoothly once again.

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Why is my phone lagging?

Before diving into the solutions, it’s important to understand what causes phone lag. Lag can occur due to a variety of reasons including low available memory, aging hardware, outdated software, or too many applications running simultaneously. Recognizing the source of the lag is the first step in addressing it.

Tips to Prevent and Fix Phone Lag

1. Update Your Phone’s Software

   – Why It Helps: Manufacturers regularly release updates that improve system stability and optimize performance. Keeping your device updated ensures that you have the latest enhancements and security fixes.

   – How to Do It: Go to your phone’s settings, find ‘System updates’ or ‘Software updates’, and check if there are any updates available for download.

 2. Clear Up Storage Space

   – Why It Helps: Insufficient storage can significantly slow down your phone as it struggles to process apps and data. Clearing out unused files, apps, and data can free up space and help reduce lag.

   – How to Do It: Uninstall apps that are longer in use, delete old photos and videos or back them up online, and clear app caches. Tools like “Storage Manager” in Android settings can help manage this.

 3. Reduce Background Processes

   – Why It Helps: Apps running in the background can drain your CPU and memory resources. Reducing the number of active processes can free up resources and reduce lag.

   – How to Do It: Go to ‘Settings’, tap on ‘Apps’ or ‘Applications’, and then ‘Running’. Here, you can see which apps are active and stop the ones that are not needed.

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 4. Disable Animations and Extra Effects

   – Why It Helps: Visual effects and animations can be resource-intensive. Disabling these can help speed up your phone.

   – How to Do It: Access ‘Developer options’ in your phone’s settings. If this menu is not visible, you can enable it by tapping 7 times on the ‘Build number’ under ‘About phone’. Once activated, scroll down to find and turn off animations.

 5. Restart Your Phone Regularly

   – Why It Helps: Restarting your phone can clear out the cache and stop unnecessary tasks from running. It gives your phone a fresh start and can often resolve temporary lag.

   – How to Do It: Power off your phone using the physical buttons or through the software power menu, wait a few seconds, then turn it back on.

 6. Perform a Factory Reset

   – Why It Helps: If your phone is consistently slow and none of the above methods work, a factory reset might be necessary. This will return your phone to its original settings and can significantly improve performance.

   – How to Do It: Back up all your important data, then go to ‘Settings’, select ‘System’, then ‘Reset options’, and choose ‘Erase all data (factory reset)’. Follow the prompts to reset your device.

 7. Optimize Battery Settings

   – Why It Helps: Some phones offer a battery optimization feature that can also improve performance by adjusting how apps run in the background.

   – How to Do It: Go to ‘Battery’ in the settings menu and select ‘Battery optimization’. Choose the apps you wish to optimize for better performance.

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 8. Use Performance-Enhancing Apps

   – Why It Helps: Some apps are designed to boost your phone’s performance by automating several of the above actions, such as clearing caches and stopping background apps.

   – How to Do It: Download a reputable app from the Google Play Store or App Store and allow it to manage your device’s performance.

A lagging phone doesn’t mean you need to rush out for a replacement. By implementing these strategies, you can significantly enhance the performance of your device. From how to remove lag from the phone by clearing storage to how to prevent the phone from lagging with regular updates, these steps can help maintain your phone’s speed and reliability. 

However, if you try these methods and your phone still keeps lagging, then it might be time for you to seek professional help. 

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