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International SIM vs. local SIM

Buying Local SIM vs International Roaming – Which is Better

Okay, so you are quite excited about your next trip abroad. You have made all the arrangements for the same too, be it the hotels, the places you will be visiting, what food you’ll try, shopping ideas – the complete itinerary. But before you set out on your journey, there is one question that you should ask – ‘What should I do about my phone?’ Should you simply buy a local SIM card, or should you go for an international roaming SIM? In this blog, we will point out the various capabilities between the two, so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

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Let us have a closer look at what a local SIM and international roaming SIM are, so that you can decide yourself about international SIM vs. local SIM:

What do I get in a local SIM?

A local SIM is a physical SIM card you would buy at your international destination. This method is quite popular because it is a quick and hassle-free way to get mobile data on your hands.

Here are the benefits of securing a local SIM card:

  • You get a local number in that country.
  • Might provide you with flexible usage limits, depending on the company.
  • Old and proven way to get the job done.

However, it has also met with some complaints from international customers in the past. Most of the time, these temporary connections can be quite expensive, and often do not provide as much value as you would expect from a telecom company. In addition, there is a general grey area where customers and even telecom companies are not quite clear about how these connections work.

It is rather surprising that such dilemmas exist even in this age. To help counter the problems presented by these local SIMs, international roaming SIMs were introduced.

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What do I get from an international SIM card?

To sum it up, international SIM cards are quite neat and help ease connectivity. Therefore, with an international SIM card, you will not have to worry about getting in touch at all. In addition, even your number does not need to be changed. A single SIM, that covers connectivity internationally, provides features such as calling and mobile data, and it can be managed completely with a single app. Hence, these SIM cards are rather neat.

Here are the benefits of securing an international SIM card:

  • Be it for short-term trips or long-term, international SIM cards will help you out.
  • No matter how many countries or regions you go to, a single SIM will power you throughout your journey.
  • A lot of data, so that you can stay connected with friends and family no matter where you are.

Which is the best international SIM card provider?

When it comes to an international SIM card, choose Airtel and we will guide you all along the way. Why? Because even though international SIM card plans did exist, there was general confusion on how to avail of those plans as well. However, Airtel mitigates all that by introducing its new set of international roaming (IR) plans that work seamlessly across 184 countries in the world. A single recharge and you will be all set for your next trip.

Here are the benefits of Airtel’s IR mobile recharge plans:

  • Value for money as compared to local SIM card plans. Get more voice and mobile data, only with Airtel.
  • A single plan that unlocks 184 countries for you.
  • Affordable 1-year plans for prepaid and postpaid users, especially suited for those who travel frequently.
  • Unlimited mobile data when it comes to emergencies or messaging applications.
  • Manage it all on the Airtel Thanks app.
  • Get in touch with us at 99100-99100 for any kind of support. You can also WhatsApp us via the same number anytime. Our team works round the clock in assisting you while you are abroad.

As the travelling season is fast approaching, there has been considerable demand for IR plans. As a result, we are quite pleased to let you know that we have a wide variety of both prepaid as well as postpaid plans on offer.

International SIM card vs. local SIM

Why activating the IR plan on your number is a smart choice?

Activating the IR plan on your pre-existing number is one of the smartest decisions that you can make before you venture abroad. It is always better to avoid local Wi-Fi or local SIM cards. Why so? Here are some good reasons:

Safety issues on public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is not safe as they are prone to malware and data breach. Furthermore, in such cases, the safety of your smartphone, as well as your personal documents (passport), could be at risk. Exposing your documents with a local SIM could lead to the theft of data in a foreign land.

Protect yourself against credit card cloning

Usually, credit card transactions do not ask for a PIN abroad. However, if your card gets cloned or your wallet gets stolen, there might be abnormal activity on your card. In such cases, banks will verify the registered mobile number. Therefore, being active on the number is very important and safe.

Hefty local SIM charges

Yes, WhatsApp does work seamlessly. However, if there is an emergency and you want to call home even for just 5mins, you will need to have a lot of balance. In addition, the ISD call rates are also very expensive on local SIMs. Also, your friends or family members would find it difficult to call you. Or, they will have to pay quite a lot just for a phone call.

Planning your trip is easier with the main SIM

You can book hotels, flights, trains, etc. all on the same primary mobile number. And you get to keep it too!

Better connectivity Airtel

Airtel’s IR packs will provide you with an amazing network even when you are abroad. The secret behind this is the fact that Airtel has tie-ups with multiple telecom operators all across the globe to make calling easier for you.

Airtel IR packs cover layover locations too

Your local SIM will not be able to cover multiple layover locations all at once. If you are travelling to multiple countries like Europe, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, etc. then an Airtel IR pack is just what you need.

Additional Airtel IR benefits

You will not have to download any local app for your local SIM either (which might pose you language problems). Instead, simply get the Airtel Thanks app and seamlessly track your plan benefits, usage and more. You can also reach out to our customer support team 24*7 at 24*7 toll-free number +91 99100 99100. Or, you can also WhatsApp us on the same number.

New International Roaming Pack at just 133/day. Now keep your India number active on your next trip abroad and never miss out on any important update.

Airtel International Roaming Postpaid Plans

Here are our IR postpaid plans:

Short Duration Packs
Rental Validity Set 1 countries Set 2 countries
₹ 649 1 Day High Speed Unlimited 500MB Data High Speed Unlimited 250MB Data
₹ 2,999 10 Days High Speed Unlimited 5GB Data High Speed Unlimited 2.5GB Data
₹ 3,999 30 Days High Speed Unlimited 12GB Data High Speed Unlimited 6GB Data
Long Duration Packs
Rental Validity Set 1 countries Set 2 countries
₹ 5,999 90 Days High Speed Unlimited 2GB Data High Speed Unlimited 1GB Data
₹ 14,999 365 Days High Speed Unlimited 15GB Data High Speed Unlimited 7.5GB Data
Data Top Up
Rental Validity Set 1 countries Set 2 countries
₹ 755 5 Days High Speed Unlimited 1GB Data High Speed Unlimited 500MB Data

Airtel International Roaming Prepaid Plans

Here are our IR prepaid plans:

Short Duration Packs
Rental Validity Set 1 countries Set 2 countries
₹ 899 10 Days 1GB Data 500MB Data
₹ 2,998 30 Days 5GB Data 2.5GB Data
Long Duration Pack
Rental Validity Set 1 countries Set 2 countries
₹ 2,997 365 Days 2GB Data 1GB Data
Data Top Up
Rental Validity Set 1 countries Set 2 countries
₹ 755 5 Days 1GB Data 500MB Data

Thus, there are plenty of IR plans for you to choose from. Get the Airtel Thanks app, recharge with the right IR pack and get packing for your next trip!