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How to set caller tune in Airtel

Easy Ways to Determine Whether You Need 1GB, 2GB or 3GB of Prepaid Internet Plan

The steady rise of smartphones, laptops and other connected devices has made it necessary that we stay connected to the internet, all through the day. In the past few years, our overall dependency on the web world has only increased by leaps and bounds. We use the prepaid plan internet packs on our smartphones for a large number of tasks everyday.

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Sending WhatsApp text messages, scrolling through social media, booking tickets, video calling our friends or loved ones. In addition, binge watch OTT content, play internet-based games and so much more. Additionally, the pandemic has ushered in the remote or work from home culture. Here, once again, we are dependent upon the internet and similar internet-based devices to complete our daily tasks.

Therefore, the internet connection that our mobile’s prepaid plan provides helps us to navigate both our personal as well as our professional lives. So, we need to truly understand how much data we really need from our prepaid plan internet.

Here are some of Airtel’s truly unlimited prepaid plans that will catch your attention:

Prepaid Plans MRP in Rs. Validity
Unlimited Voice Plans
199 28 2GB data, UL Calling, 100 SMS/day
509 84 6GB data, UL calling, 100SMS/day
1999 365 24GB data, UL calling, 100 SMS/day
Daily Data Plans
299 28 1GB/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
349 28 1.5GB/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
409 28 2.5GB/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
449 28 3Gb/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
579 56 1.5Gb/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
649 56 2GB/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
859 84 1.5GB/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
979 84 2GB/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
3599 365 2GB/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
Data Add- Ons
22 1 day 1 GB
33 1 day 2 GB
77 Plan
4 GB

There are many more prepaid plans available with Airtel. To see them all, visit the Airtel website or download the Airtel Thanks app.

Understand your prepaid plan’s daily usage

The onus lies on you to understand how much prepaid plan data you actually need from your internet connection. It will also help you to gauge whether you should be satisfied with the current plan that you have chosen or you need an upgrade, in terms of the daily data pack that you get.

Monitor mobile data usage through your smartphone

Determining how much data you are using, and which apps are consuming the maximum amount of data is very simple and can be done with a few simple clicks on your smartphone. Go to settings and head over to the app data usage section. Here, you will be able to see the apps that you have installed on your phone, and the amount of data that each of these apps have consumed.

If you notice that your social media apps, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or video-based apps such as OTT platforms and YouTube are exhausting your prepaid plan internet daily, then you surely need to get a plan that offers you more data.

Are you a heavy or light prepaid plan user?

If you are a very smartphone savvy person and use your smartphone for a variety of apps daily, then it is always a better choice to go with plans that offer more data, such as 2GB or 3GB plans. For heavy users, these plans are ideal since they offer a lot more data and allow you to explore the internet on your mobile all through the day.

Similarly, if you are a light user, and only use your smartphone’s prepaid plan to send WhatsApp messages, occasional video calls, and low overall usage, then it makes more economic sense to opt for the 1GB or 1.5GB data per day plans.

Exhausting your data every day? Upgrade your prepaid plan now!

Also, if you frequently find out that your prepaid plan internet for the day is getting exhausted before the day even finishes, then you should probably go straight ahead and upgrade your plan. However, before you recharge your plan, it is always a good idea to look into the other benefits and offers that you can avail with the new plan that you will be getting.

Well, now that you know the tricks to determine the amount of data pack that you need for your house or devices, it’s time to upgrade to a really strong internet connection, if you haven’t already.