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Airtel SIM block

How to Block Stolen or Lost Airtel Sim Card?

Did you know your sim card has a storage memory of its own? It stores your contacts, text messages, and even other sensitive data like your bank details, passwords, etc. Data is the new currency today. Your data is important and therefore, needs to be protected. A physical sim card can be easily stolen with or without the device. 

On the other hand, e-sim card can only be stolen when the device is also stolen. A stolen sim can be used to conduct illegal activities under your name or steal your personal data to commit banking frauds against you, or simply be used for personal reasons. None of these scenarios are ideal. Therefore, you need to immediately block your sim if it is stolen or lost.

Keeping our customers’ interests in mind, we at Airtel, offer many ways to block your Airtel Sim. Read on to be aware and stay prepared in advance.

Different Ways to Block Airtel Sim

Airtel has over 360 million active users as of March 2022. With a customer base this wide, we understand the difference in people’s needs and accessibility. Therefore, Airtel offers you four different ways to block your lost or stolen sim card.

1) How to Block Airtel Sim via Customer Care?

Follow the below steps to block your Airtel sim by calling the customer care:

If you have an another Airtel Number:

  • Use an Airtel number to call Airtel customer care number on 198 or 121.
  • Request to speak to a customer care executive to solve your issue. Soon you will be connected to one.
  • Explain your issue in detail and request for blocking the lost sim card.
  • The executive will ask you to verify your identity by asking for your Airtel number to ensure it’s the owner of the sim card raising the request.
  • Once your details are verified, your lost Airtel number will be blocked immediately.

Without access to another Airtel Number:

  • If you don’t have access to another Airtel number, you can call the customer care on 9849098490 or on 1800 103 4444. You will be connected to an Airtel customer executive.
  • Follow the above steps for verification and deactivation process.

Note: The 121 or 198 call might be chargeable at 50 paise per minute.

2) How to Block Airtel Sim from the nearest Airtel Store?

If you feel the customer care method is not the right option for you, you can also visit the nearest Airtel store. You can block your old sim there and buy a new one with the same number.

Follow the below steps:

  • Visit the nearest Airtel store in your locality.
  • Talk to the agent there and explain your situation. You will need to verify the SIM Card number. For this, the agent present will ask you to state details like mother’s name, last recharge amount, FNF number, Date of Birth, address and ID proof, etc.
  • Don’t forget to carry the original copies of the relevant documents.
  • Once these details are verified, the agent will walk you through the process and your sim will be blocked.

3) How to Block Airtel Sim Online?

If you are not able to visit the nearest Airtel store and are unable to reach out to the customer care, you can go for Airtel sim block request online.

Follow the below steps to block your Airtel sim online:

  • Open Airtel Thanks app and head over to the ‘Help’ section of the app.
  • Here, opt for the Live Chat Support option to know further steps to block your sim.
  • Follow the steps as instructed and your sim will be blocked easily.
  • You can also drop an email to the Airtel executives at 121@in.airtel.com. Explain your issue in detail and ask for a quick resolution.

Although, email is an option to get help from Airtel executives, we highly recommend calling the executive or visiting the nearest store to block your sim at the earliest. Any delay can lead to further problems.

4) How to Block Airtel Corporate Sim?

The risk increases if you have lost your corporate sim. The contacts and the details stored on the sim not only affect you, but also your company at large. Therefore, one needs to act quick to block their Airtel corporate sim.

Follow the below steps to effectively block your corporate sim:

  • Inform your corporate or key account manager as and when you lose the sim card.
  • The manager will have to request the sim card network administrator especially, to block your lost sim.
  • Moreover, you need to fill out a physical form and attach an application requesting blocking of an Airtel corporate sim. Please attach your GD with the application. Once these forms are submitted, you will need to submit them immediately.

These were some of the steps you can use to block your Airtel sim card. Now, let’s see how you can get a new Airtel sim card with the same number.

What happens if you find the lost sim card?

Don’t worry! You can always unblock the blocked sim card in case you find it back. Just reach out to us at 121 and request the executive to unblock the sim. You will have to verify a few details again to process the request.

Why should you block a lost sim immediately?

We have already discussed in detail how to block Airtel sim using various methods. Let’s also look at a few reasons why you should block a lost sim card immediately.

Identity Theft

Identity Theft is a serious crime. A lost or stolen sim can be instrumental to a perpetrator. As discussed above, your sim card has your contacts, text messages, and even access to your bank details. These details are enough for someone to impersonate you and commit various frauds against you and your acquaintances.

For example: The perpetrator can withdraw money from your account quite easily. He/she will receive the OTP on your sim card number to verify the transaction.

Personal use

Although this applies only for postpaid connections, it is still relevant. If you don’t block a stolen/lost sim, the thief could use your number to make expensive calls. Given the number is registered under your name, you will have to pay high bills. If not paid, the fraudulent charges and penalty fees will be put against you!

Conduct illegal activities

Many perpetrators use stolen sims to conduct and arrange illegal and anti-national activities. This is done to make sure the number is not traced back to them. If your stolen sim is used to conduct such activities, you will be held accountable. Therefore, it is better you block the sim immediately to avoid such extreme situations.


If you have lost you sim or your phone (with the sim inside), act immediately, and block your sim using the above-mentioned steps. You can get a new sim card from an Airtel store or book it online using the Thanks app or Airtel website. To get the same number, put in the request with our Airtel agent.