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How to Make Free Online Phone Calls to Anywhere in the World

There was a time when we had to pick up the large handheld receivers of our telephones, dial-in a couple of numbers and we were finally able to make a call. Thankfully, that is no longer the case.

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Nowadays, all it takes is a smartphone, a prepaid or postpaid connection, and a few simple touches and voila! A connection is established by your service provider and you can go on with your conversation.

Moreover, with smartphones and mobile phones getting smaller, you need not stay at home or get into an STD booth to make a call anymore. Just pull out your smartphone and make a call.

Role of Phone Calls in Enhancing Communication

All of us are aware of the fact that phone calls have made communication simpler and easier for everyone around the world. As a result of this feature, businesses in every sector have flourished by leaps and bounds.

With effective communication, you can improve efficiency levels to new heights, increase your productivity, get more done in lesser time and achieve your business or personal goals way easily than ever before.

Not just professional, phone calls help in staying committed to your personal goals as well. You can stay connected to your parents, loved ones, distant relatives – just with a phone call. It doesn’t even matter where you are located in the world.

The Magic of Online Caller Apps

Do you have a mobile phone connection that is not giving you good service? Then, it is probably time to try out some of the online caller apps that provide impressive value. They offer features such as chatting, voice calls, video calls and a lot more. Let us have a more in-depth look at some of these:


This is one of the most well-known instant messaging apps available out there right now. It has a massive user base, and a large number of Indians also use it as their go-to app for sending text messages. But, did you know you could make voice and video calls on WhatsApp as well?

WhatsApp supports free voice and video calls to your contacts through the app. The only catch here is that the other person needs to have an active WhatsApp account as well. You will also need to have a seamless and constant internet network to ensure your call doesn’t get disrupted.

Microsoft Teams

Teams, developed by Microsoft, is another platform for free phone calls. It enables you to make voice or high quality video calls to your contacts lists. Just like WhatsApp, it is completely free of cost as well. An additional advantage of Teams is that it allows you to make calls from your PC to another person’s smartphone, through the Teams smartphone app.

The Microsoft Teams app is available both on Android and Apple stores and is completely free of cost. It also helps you to make an online phone call without showing the number. Hence, your mobile number stays hidden during the call. You just have to login to your Microsoft account to access the features of this app.

Google Duo

Google Duo is a high-quality video calling mobile app, that was launched in 2016. It is totally free and works smoothly on a variety of devices. Android phones, Apple devices, tabs, computers – Duo works everywhere. One of Duo’s most exclusive feature is that it allows you to hold a group call with 32 participants in total at a single time.

It supports online phone calls, free unlimited minutes and connects over the internet. You cannot use this app to make offline calls, or when there is a disturbance in your internet connection.

Facebook Messenger

The Messenger app has been developed by Facebook’s parent company, Meta. It is regarded as an all-in-one communication solution by Meta. It offers users with unlimited chat features, voice calling, video calling and group video chats.

The Cons of Online Phone Calls

Online phone callers have a lot of benefits, such as unlimited calls, free call without showing number and some more. However, here are some of the cons associated with them:

  1. Online phone calls can only be made through a viable internet connection. You need strong mobile data or broadband to hear everything clearly.
  2. Not just you, even the person on the other end needs to have a good internet connection to be able to connect with you.
  3. Online apps often face numerous issues, such as buggy app updates, server failures, global shutdown of services. In such a time, you will find it difficult to meet your communication needs through such apps.

Now that we have presented some of the cons associated with online phone call apps, we suggest that you move to Airtel.

Make Airtel your preferred phone call network

Airtel is your best choice when it comes to choosing a premium network for yourself, and your loved ones. The Airtel plans have been designed with utmost care, and a wide variety of prepaid and postpaid plans are available. Therefore, there is something at Airtel for everyone’s budget.

The new sim card price for Airtel’s prepaid plans is also relatively cheap and gets you these features:

  1. Premium phone call quality at all times of the day, round the clock
  2. Incredibly fast 4G internet speed
  3. Customer support to ensure your needs are always prioritised
  4. Easy portability from your previous operator to Airtel
  5. New sim activation is completed within a few minutes
  6. Same day delivery of your new sim card by an Airtel representative, with doorstep KYC

Moreover, with Airtel, you can recharge online very easily, by using the Airtel Thanks app. Airtel’s prepaid plans give you additional access to OTT platforms, absolutely free, along with a couple of additional benefits. This means, now you can watch Disney+ Hotstar or Amazon Prime Video, on your smartphone, without paying for the subscription at all! Isn’t that simply amazing?

So, what are you waiting for? Switch to Airtel’s incredible prepaid plans today and experience the change!