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How to reactivate a deactivated Airtel prepaid SIM card

All the smartphones usually have around 2 slots to put SIMs, and you are probably aware of the dual SIM feature too. Usually, users prefer 2 different sims for work and personal contacts. Although, there can be times when one totally forgets about the existence of another sim in the phone. One number becomes the primary contact number and the other one is left unused. A sim which is not used for a certain period of time is often deemed deactivated and is recycled after 3 months to be available for other potential users. The sim card, be it a prepaid sim or a postpaid one follows the same norm.

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What are the TRAI SIM card guidelines?

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) regulates the telecommunications industry of India. It lays down a set of guidelines and rules for the players in the telecommunication industry. According to TRAI consumer handbook, a sim card is deemed to be deactivated in case of non-usage for over 90 days (about 3 months). The non-usage here means zero incoming or outgoing calls/messages, no data sessions, no use of value-added services, and any related payment. Post 90 days (about 3 months), an amount of Rs 20 is deducted from the prepaid balance, if available to keep the sim activated for 30 more days.

If the balance is not available, the sim is automatically deactivated and therefore cannot be used for any incoming or outgoing calls, texts, or internet. Once the sim is deactivated, the same number is recycled and becomes available in the market for a new user.

In case you forgot about your secondary sim, and it has been 90 days of non-usage, do not worry! You still get a grace period of 15 days (about 2 weeks) to reactivate your sim. Follow the steps below to reactivate your sim right away!

Drop a mail to concerned authorities

You can drop a mail explaining your concern to 121@in.airtel.com within 15 days of deactivation of the sim. The sooner, the better. Do not forget to mention the details of your sim including the registered address, the name it is registered on, the number, etc. This will help the department concerned to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Ring up Airtel Customer care

Another straightforward way for a quick response is to call up Airtel Customer Care regarding your concern. You can contact them by any Airtel number at 121. Explain your issue clearly and follow the steps directed by the executive.

Check at a nearby authentic Airtel store

If you are unable to connect with a customer care executive, you can also visit the nearest Airtel store for a resolution. The agent at the store will provide you with a reactivation form. You need to fill in the form in entirety and submit it to the agent at the store. You will also need to furnish the address and photo ID proofs for reactivation of the sim card.

After some time, you will receive a confirmation call from Airtel. Post the confirmation call, your deactivated sim will be activated. Please do a recharge for incoming and outgoing calls/texts and a data recharge if needed to keep the sim active.

You need to pay an amount of Rs. 20 for reactivating the prepaid sim. To keep your postpaid sim active, postpaid number users can keep their numbers in safe custody by paying charges of Rs. 150 every three months.

Reactivating your sim is quite an easy task and you as a user have many options to get it done. Just keep in mind, the grace period is only 15 days after the deactivation. Therefore, all reactivation related facilities should be completed within those 15 days.