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SIM toolkit error in application

How to resolve “Error in Application” problem in Airtel SIM Toolkit?

Our smartphones are a key part of our lives. From running daily errands to meeting work deadlines, a smartphone can help you get through almost all of it. And now, smartphones are getting much better as well. The very latest devices are equipped with the most powerful processors, incredible cameras, big screens – all features that you have probably heard of by now. However, when it comes to apps, they do falter at times. It is not really the smartphone’s problem as such if you think about it. No matter how expensive your phone maybe, you can still get app based errors. In this blog, we will take you through how to manage the SIM toolkit error in application.

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Want to get rid of the SIM toolkit error in application Airtel?

It’s valid that you are very eager to solve the Airtel SIM toolkit error in application problem. But before we go into the solutions part, let us have a look at the probable causes.

Probable causes for the SIM toolkit error

By having a look at the main causes of the problem, you can be sure where you need to be careful the next time around. Here are some of them:

  1. Improper handling or mismanagement of the SIM card lead to this error.
  2. Your SIM card tray could also get damaged if you keep bringing it out and inserting it all the time.
  3. Do check for software updates, always. Many times, there might be bugs in your phone, app issues, version based problems and more. Getting that impending software update that you have been avoiding for so long might do wonders for you.
  4. Faulty hardware issues with the smartphone. Battery, display and other issues could also lead to a SIM toolkit error.
  5. Any sort of incorrect installation or corrupt setup of software can also lead to this problem.

How to stop error in application in Airtel SIM?

Want to find out the error in application of Airtel SIM solution? Here are some of the steps that you need to follow:

Restart the phone

Yes, this is probably a solution that has previously crossed your mind. However, we would still suggest that you go ahead and do this. Rebooting your phone helps out in a number of ways. Many times, even if your phone does not have any issues, you can still reboot it. The remaining cache, apps in the background, RAM management – all of these are taken care of.

Update the SIM toolkit app

You could also look for any pending updates on the SIM toolkit app. Go to Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and check for it. Updating the app could help the issue in hand as well. The app developers specifically release these updates so that the app becomes better. They are meant to improve app performance, bugs, and more. We strongly suggest updating the app. Ideally, if there is no hardware issue and just software based, this solution can work out.

SIM toolkit error in application

Force stop the app

Do remember that you should only take this step if the previous ones are not working out for you. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open your phone’s list of apps, or drawer, and locate the SIM toolkit app
  2. Long press on the app and click on the button with an ‘i’ in it.
  3. The App Info page will open and then click on the Force Stop button.
  4. After that, ensure that you open the app once again and check if it is working fine.

Do remember that some Android devices are different. Therefore, you might have to go to Settings, App Settings or App Manager, find the SIM toolkit app from there and force stop it. However different the process maybe, the core issue at hand will get solved with this.

Wait for the server to fix the error

Many times, the whole error could also be due to the server issue. Therefore, in case you see that none of these issues are working, then you will have to wait. Until the problem gets solved from the server’s side, there is nothing much that you can really do. We assure you that our team will get to the root cause of the error, and you will be able to enjoy our services to the fullest.

Get a new SIM card

Getting a new SIM card is the final solution in this case. You should only go for it when you see that none of the other methods are working. If you are indeed eager to get a new SIM card, then we suggest making use of the free home delivery.

Get free delivery of your new SIM card at home, with Airtel

Airtel now provides you with a free home delivery of your SIM card. Furthermore, your SIM card activation will also be completed on the same day. Just ensure that you have all the required documents needed for a new SIM.

Our Airtel representative will be at your doorstep on your preferred time and perform KYC there itself. Hence, you do not even have to go through the entire ordeal of visiting an Airtel store. Furthermore, you could also just make use of the port SIM feature in such cases.

By porting your existing SIM card, you keep the same phone number. Hence, it is very useful too. Or, if your phone has the technology, you could also step into the future with the help of an eSIM card.

The eSIM card ensures that you no longer have to carry a physical SIM card. Instead, you can simply download the SIM card in a virtual form on your smartphone. Therefore, you can finally remove your physical SIM from the device and prevent it from getting any hardware based issues.

Thus, we hope that these solutions were useful for you in tackling SIM toolkit error in application.