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DIY Phone Case Ideas - Ways to Make Phone Cases at Home

DIY Phone Case Ideas – How to Make Phone Cases at Home

Your smartphone is that one companion who accompanies you wherever you go, and helps you deal with every single day. That means, it is only apt that you get a good phone case or phone cover for your smartphone. Now, if you do go and take a look at some of the popular smartphone cases in the market, you probably won’t like what you see. The market has been flooded with bulky, uninspiring, and often, in-your-face phone covers that are way too much. And to escape this, did you know that now you can get a DIY phone case or DIY phone cover?

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DIY phone case ideas have become extremely popular in recent times. And don’t worry, these aren’t too complex. Moreover, people would not be that excited about it if it was too complex, right? Wondering how you can come up with your own easy DIY phone case designs? In this blog, we will provide you with plenty of handmade phone cover ideas or how to make your own phone cover.

10 Easy DIY Phone Case Ideas

There are many who are extremely brave and simply do not attach a phone cover on their devices. And then, there are others who always feel a bit safer when they attach a cover to their smartphones. Ideally, you should get a cover for it, simply because smartphones are expensive, and they need to be protected. Thankfully, the trend of DIY phone cases has finally taken off. Now you can design your own phone cover, customising it into something that instantly matches your character. 

1. Spiky & Glittery DIY Phone Case

Ever wanted to get a phone case with a lot of glitter? Now is your time to get one. After all, this unique fancy glittery and fancy phone case might be exactly what you have been looking for. To make it, simply get a clear phone case, and attach golden spikes on the outer end of it.

2. Glittered DIY Phone Case

Want a phone case with the right amount of glitter and not the spikes? That is yet another incredible DIY phone case idea! Just get a clear phone case and add glitter with a glue stick. It is that easy to get your new DIY phone cover.

3. Marbelised DIY Phone Case

This is one of the easiest ways to get a fancy DIY phone cover without having to create a big mess all around. Simply get three different shades of nail polish, pour them in a bowl of water and swirl until they mix. A marbling layer will form on the water. When the shade is finally to your liking, dip your clear phone case into it and give it that colour. Don’t forget to dry it out before you apply!

4. Cross Stitch Patterned DIY Phone Cases

Want a DIY phone case that is extremely comfortable to hold? Time to buy a phone case with a cross-stitch pattern. Now, to personalise the case, add contrasting colours to it. And the biggest benefit here is that you can literally draw or write anything.

5. Use Your Knitting Skills for a DIY Phone Case

Are you someone with impressive knitting skills or just know someone who can knit out literally anything? Then it is time to get your new knitted DIY phone case! Be it for all-day texting, social media surfing or literally anything, a handmade DIY phone case that has been knitted with love and affection will always be the best.

6. Use Craft Paper 

There are some people who are extremely dextrous with their craft paper skills. If you are one such person, then it is time to put your skills to the test! Get a clear phone case and get to work on it with craft paper. Time to show your creativity to the entire world now.

7. Get a printed design from the internet

Out of ideas and not really sure about the ones given above? Seek help from professional graphic designers! You can simply print a cool design off the internet and attach it to your clear phone case to personalise it. 

8. Add paint chips to your DIY phone case

Get a clear phone case, visit your nearest hardware store, collect multiple shades of paint chips and apply them to the phone case. Voila! You now have your very own DIY phone case with plenty of character.

9. Pressed Flowers in your phone case

If you have used pressed flowers in other forms of art and craft before, then you will know how elegant they always look. Add pressed flowers to your clear phone case and make it your own new style.

10. Use plenty of colours

Adding colours to your clear phone case is one of the best ideas. To do so, you can either use watercolours if you know your way with a paintbrush. Otherwise, get an adult colouring book, paint your heart out on it, and apply!

Making DIY phone cases is extremely easy

Obviously, the ideas that we have mentioned above are not exhaustive. There are plenty more and you can use your creativity to get the best out of your phone case. You can even mix and match the above ideas to get an incredible DIY phone case. 

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