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Avail the Benefits of Airtel Combo Plans with Airtel Black

Avail the Benefits of Airtel Combo Plans with Airtel Black

Having a stable fiber connection at home that serves the entire family has become a necessity in recent days. Moreover, a super-fast fiber connection along with an entertainment-packed DTH connection allows you to enjoy certain additional perks. With the help of the Airtel combo plans, you can now avail the benefits of both an affordable fiber as well as DTH connection. Moreover, combining your Airtel postpaid connection with such attractive Airtel fiber and DTH combo plans makes bill payments and issue resolution seamless for you and your family.

Benefits of an Airtel Combo Plan on Airtel Black

The Airtel combo plans available with the Airtel Black subscription provide you with highly prioritized and personalized services. This means there’s no more waiting on long and dry IVR customer care calls and similar other benefits. Besides, Airtel fiber and DTH combo plans are highly convenient for the modern connected family for several other reasons as given below:

One Bill for the Entire Family

Whether it is your fiber, DTH, or postpaid mobile bill, you have all your expenses in one place, and you no longer need to worry about paying several individual bills. Such Airtel combo plans, which are characteristic of the all-new Airtel Black subscription, help you and your family manage your internet and mobile bills more efficiently. With an Airtel DTH fiber combo, all of your bills will be sent to the same address, and you can now pay them together to ensure a more seamless bill payment transaction.

A Dedicated Relationship Team

The Airtel fiber and DTH combo plans also provide you with a dedicated relationship team that can tend to all your queries and guides you regarding bill payments. The most significant benefit of such Airtel combo plans is that you get highly personalized service from a relationship team that is specifically trained to provide the best user experience to Airtel subscribers.

Priority Resolution

Since swift interactions and complaint resolution on priority have become important service quality points for most Indian users, Airtel combo plans provide you with priority resolution of any issue related to postpaid, DTH, or fiber. Since you already have access to a dedicated relationship team upon subscribing to an Airtel family plan with DTH, you can, therefore, rest assured that any issue you may face will be resolved on priority with the utmost attention at your convenience

A Single Call Centre for all Queries

With the help of the Airtel family plan with DTH, you do not need to call up several different call center helpline numbers for assistance. This is because, with the Airtel combo plans, you can now direct all your queries to a single call centre. This call centre is equipped to deal with all possible questions regarding your postpaid mobile, DTH, as well as a fiber connection on Airtel Black.

No More Waiting on Hold

When you call up this common helpline number, there is practically no waiting time till you reach an Airtel service executive. Airtel combo plans offered on the Airtel Black subscription make you eligible for call pickup in less than 60 seconds. This further helps you save on precious time and allows you to tend to more important work.

Free Service Visits

Apart from the above benefits, Airtel Black also has you covered when it comes to home visits by Airtel technicians. There may be unavoidable technical issues that could affect your experience, but don’t worry because Airtel combo plans on Airtel Black provide you with free home service visits.

Zero Installation Costs and Many More!

When you subscribe to Airtel combo plans, whether it’s an Airtel fiber and DTH combo plan or Airtel family plan with DTH and mobile postpaid connections, Airtel Black does not charge you a dime on installation. This makes switching over to Airtel much more economical and reliable. Moreover, you also get an Airtel Xstream box worth INR 3999 along with your Airtel Black subscription at no extra cost.

How to Switch to Airtel Black?

Switching service providers can often be a tiring ordeal, but Airtel makes the entire process swift and simple with seamless mobile number portability. If you are on an Airtel prepaid plan and wish to switch to postpaid with Airtel combo plans, contact your nearest Airtel store, and the executives there will be more than happy to guide you through the process. For existing Airtel postpaid users, it is even more hassle-free because all you need to do is combine your mobile postpaid plan with one of the several Airtel fiber and DTH combo plans, and you will be automatically upgraded to Airtel Black.


Considering all the benefits of the Airtel combo plans, which are designed to cater to the needs of the twenty-first-century Indian family, it is both well-founded and economical to switch to Airtel Black. You can avail of the best offers on your Airtel Black plan by combining your Airtel postpaid number with Airtel fiber and DTH combo plans. This way, you become eligible for an additional 30 days of complimentary subscription. Moreover, you have the liberty to customize your own plan by incorporating your specific requirements. Being a part of the Airtel family also means that you gain access to certain high-end services like Airtel Xstream fiber as well as Airtel Xstream movies. So, wait no more. Switch to Airtel Black for the most wholesome premium experience for the entire family.