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Five ways Airtel Black is better than your regular DTH, Postpaid & Fiber Plan?

Five ways Airtel Black is better than your regular DTH, Postpaid & Fiber Plan?

In today’s hyper-connected times, a day without the internet or a smartphone feels impossible. Technology, including DTH, fiber, and mobile networks, has become an indispensable part of our functioning – may it be on the personal or professional level. However, with owning these multiple connections comes the hassle of managing various payment cycles.

To help you avoid these hiccups, Airtel has launched an exclusive package under the Airtel Thanks program called the Airtel Black. It enables you to combine offerings such as DTH, fiber, and mobile connections under one Plan and avail exciting discounts.

Touted as the best Airtel plan to date, it features a host of benefits that would otherwise remain inaccessible or come for an extra cost. So, let us understand what Airtel Black is and how it differs from your regular DTH, postpaid, and fiber connections:

What is Airtel Black?

Airtel Black is India’s first converged Plan for premium homes. It aims at providing you with the best of privileges on availing any two or more services out of DTH, fiber, and postpaid.

The plan benefits include perks such as one bill, one call centre, a free subscription to OTT apps, a dedicated and knowledgeable relationship team, priority resolution of all queries, call pick-up in 60 seconds, and more. The package also entails an option for faster network resolution and free service visits, thereby enabling you to enjoy an uninterrupted network throughout.

All in all, the Airtel Black plan is introduced to enhance customer experience and enable more convenience.

How is Airtel Black better than your regular DTH, Postpaid, and Fiber Plan?

Single Bill for Multiple Connections

Airtel Black program allows you to receive one common bill for different Airtel services, including one or more than one DTH, postpaid, or fiber connections.

You cannot combine the bills into one. The monthly payment cycles and due dates for each connection remain different.

One Call Centre for Multiple Connections

The programme extends a premium customer experience to you with priority resolution and one call centre for all connections.

You can get your queries resolved by calling the individual customer services helplines for DTH, mobile, and fiber connections.

Assurance to connect with Airtel Advisors within 60 seconds or less

In case of concerns, you can connect with Airtel advisors within 60 seconds or less. Alternatively, you can also receive a prompt call back for your service requests.

You can enjoy prompt help and timely resolution for your queries.

Dedicated Relationship Team

Airtel Black offers a dedicated relationship team to each member upon subscription. This helps in ensuring easier contact and a one-stop solution for service requests.

While there is no dedicated relationship manager/team in the case of regular DTH, mobile, and fiber plans, you can reach out to the 24/7 customer helplines for logging service requests.

Service Visits

You can enjoy any number of service visits at your location for free.

Service visits could be chargeable in the case of regular plans.

Switching and Installation Charges

Airtel Black members can switch their existing plans or install a new connection for zero cost.

Installation and switching charges could be applicable under regular DTH, postpaid, and fiber plans.

How to get the Airtel Black Plan?

Become an Airtel Black member with just a few clicks! The offering comes with four fixed plans and allows you to create your own Plan to match your unique requirements.

You can subscribe to Airtel Black with only two or more Airtel services and can go on adding more connections to your Plan in the future. You also get 30 free days on the program for each new fiber, postpaid, or DTH connection added!