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Airtel dongle recharge

Best Airtel Dongle Plans for High Speed Internet

A tiny device like an Airtel dongle is a one-time investment. But, guess what? It is futile without timely recharges. Without a recharge, a dongle will run out of data. Hence, you won’t be able to carry out even the most basic tasks like calling or accessing the internet. Thus, it is important to recharge within regular intervals to ensure its smooth functioning. In this section, we will walk you through some of the best Airtel dongle recharge plans to ensure your dongle never runs out of data.

Airtel Dongle Plans

Here are the plans in a table format:

Validity Plans in INR (Rs.)
28 days • ₹298 plan

• ₹349  plan

56 days • ₹449 plan

• ₹549 plan

• ₹558 plan

• ₹599 plan

84 days • ₹698 plan

• ₹719 plan

• ₹838 plan

365 days • ₹2,498 plan

• ₹2,698 plan

• ₹2,999 plan

28 Days Validity Airtel dongle plans:

Listed below are a couple of Airtel Wi-Fi dongle or data card recharge plans that are valid for up to 28 days:

₹298 Airtel Wi-Fi Dongle Recharge Plan

Here, you will receive Rs. 150 on FASTag, Shaw academy membership for a year, hello tunes, Wynk music subscription, and so forth.

₹349 Airtel Wi-Fi Dongle Recharge Plan

The benefits are similar to the Rs. 298 Airtel data card recharge plan. The only addition to this plan is the complimentary Amazon Prime subscription worth Rs. 129.

56 Days Validity Airtel dongle plans:

For the duration of 56 days, the ones listed below are some of the must-try plans:

₹449 Recharge Plan

It is an ordinary Airtel dongle plan, which provides free membership to Airtel apps like Wynk music and Airtel Xstream. In addition to this, the plan offers high-speed data of up to 112 GB.

₹558 Recharge Plan

This is another recharge plan that provides a 3GB data limit per day along with other standard benefits, except for the free Disney+ Hotstar VIP annual membership.

₹549 Recharge Plan

It is a good option for those looking for free hello tunes, ₹100 FASTag cashback, free online course at Shaw Academy, unlimited local/roaming calls- all under a single roof.

₹599 Recharge Plan

This recharge pack is similar to the Rs. 449 plan. Yes, that’s right! This plan also provides daily data of 2GB and access to Airtel Xstream and Wynk music. But hey, guess what? Unlike the Rs. 499 plan, it offers a VIP annual membership to Disney+ Hotstar.

84 Days Validity Airtel data card plans:

Here’s a list of some of the best plans that come with 84 days of validity:

₹698 Airtel Dongle Recharge Plan

For the duration of 84 days, this plan provides 2GB of data per day, free online courses at Shaw Academy, free access to Airtel Xstream and Wynk Music, etc.

₹719 Airtel Dongle Recharge Plan

The benefits of this plan include 100 SMS per day, 1.5 GB of data per day, and unlimited calls, while the rest of the benefits include Amazon Prime mobile edition free trial, Wynk music, Rs. 100 FASTag cashback, and so on remain the same.

₹838 Airtel Dongle Recharge Plan

It comes with a host of exciting benefits. These include a daily 2GB data limit, unlimited voice calls, free subscriptions to Disney+ Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video.

365 Days Validity Airtel Wi-Fi dongle plans:

The plans available under this category are the perfect solution for those who prefer recharging their dongle once a year. Below is a list of plans that come with a validity of 365 days:

₹2,498 Plan

It is a standard recharge plan that provides you with 2GB of data per day along with the regular Airtel benefits.

₹2,698 Plan

Under this plan, you will receive a free subscription to Disney+ Hotstar VIP worth Rs. 399. In addition to this, the plan also comes with the standard benefits (which remain the same).

₹2,999 Plan

This plan provides benefits, such as unlimited phone calls, free 100 SMS per day, Airtel Xstream premium access, ₹100 FASTag cashback, free hello tunes, and an annual subscription to Shaw Academy.

In addition to these plans, we, at Airtel also provide a couple of more dongle recharge packs. So, check them out as well on our Airtel Thanks app.

How do I recharge my Airtel data card plans?

Once you’ve made your final selection between the plans, get your recharge online done with the steps mentioned below:

  • Download and open the Airtel Thanks app
  • From the manage tab, select ‘Recharge’
  • Press ‘Data card’
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Choose the Airtel dongle recharge plans and complete the payment process.

In a nutshell, Airtel has several options for everyone. So, it is important to compare all the plans and buy the correct Airtel data card unlimited plan based on your needs. This helps in making an informed decision before purchasing. If you are looking for Airtel dongle plans 2023 or Airtel dongle recharge plans 2023, then Airtel Thanks is the way to go. Happy shopping!