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Change ATM card PIN

Follow these easy steps to change the ATM Card PIN

Have you recently forgotten your ATM card PIN? Don’t panic. It’s okay, you aren’t alone!

Quite often, many of you (including us) might have forgotten the PIN used for ATM transactions. But hey, guess what? Under such situations, you can easily reset the PIN and create a new one without any hassle.

In this section, we will help you understand how to change the ATM card PIN with both, online and offline methods. So, come, let’s find out below:

Online Ways To Reset the ATM PIN Card

Below is a step-by-step guide that’ll help you in changing your ATM PIN card through the following online methods:

Airtel Thanks

It is now possible to change the ATM card PIN on Airtel Thanks, your bill payment app with these steps given below:

  • Log in to the app
  • Go to the ‘Debit Card’ section
  • Enter mPIN code
  • View your online ATM card
  • Select ‘Set Unique Pin’
  • Submit the OTP that you will receive on your registered mobile number
  • Reset the card number as per your choice

Net Banking

If you’ve forgotten your ATM PIN card, you can reset it through net banking. So, open either the net banking portal of your bank’s website or a mobile app for internet banking. Later, activate the internet banking option for your bank account and follow these instructions given below:

  • Login to your account and click ‘Settings’
  • Select the ‘Change/Reset’ option
  • Enter the new PIN twice
  • Submit the OTP and wait for confirmation of the PIN change.

Offline Ways To Reset The ATM PIN Card

Are you facing a challenge in changing the PIN online? No worries, you can still reset the ATM PIN card with certain offline methods. So, come, let’s find out what these are in detail below:


The process to atm pin card change through SMS is quite simple and quick. All you have to do is follow these steps mentioned below and you’re good to go:

  • Send a text message to the bank’s number (dedicated towards PIN change facility)
  • Enter your bank details, such as account number and debit card number
  • Request for a PIN change. On doing so, you will receive an OTP, which will be valid for a couple of hours
  • Head straight to the ATM and change the PIN

Customer Care

Many banks provide a customer care facility to reset the forgotten ATM card PIN. So, visit your bank’s official website and note down the customer care number.

Once you have the number, call them and follow these steps mentioned below:

  • Listen to the pre-recorded instructions carefully and insert the correct number dedicated for PIN reset
  • Hold the line until they connect you to a representative
  • Once the representative attends to you, he may ask you to provide your bank details. So, give him your bank account number, ATM card number, registered cell number, etc.
  • After providing him with these details, an OTP will be sent to your number. So, head straight to the ATM and get the PIN changed before the OTP expires.


Resetting your pin at the ATM is the simplest option of them all. So, visit the nearest ATM, insert your card, and follow the right instructions as mentioned below:

  • Select ‘Forgot PIN’
  • Enter the ATM card number, bank account number, account type, and registered cell number
  • Submit the OTP that you’ve received on your registered number to validate the action
  • After the ATM PIN is changed, check the confirmation SMS on the screen.


If you’re planning to visit the bank to reset your ATM card PIN, you need to speak to a consultant who will then guide you with these steps mentioned below:

  • Fill out an atm card change application given to you by the consultant
  • Get the temporary PIN (created by the bank), which will be sent either through SMS or a physical paper mail
  • Reset the bank-provided PIN and create a new one.

Note: Banks usually generate a temporary PIN, which is sent to you through an SMS. Thus, you need to change the PIN immediately for confidentiality purposes.

Today, there are multiple secure ways for changing the ATM PIN. So, you no longer have to worry in case you’ve forgotten your PIN number.

With these above mentioned online and offline methods, you can reset your ATM PIN card number without any hassle. So, what are you waiting for? Get going, right now!