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How to Report Incorrect FASTag Deduction

FASTag has completely changed how people travel in India now. In addition to the expansive network of world-class highways, the NHAI has also made FASTag mandatory for all vehicles on highways nowadays, and nobody is complaining. When FASTag was introduced, it was said that it would be a huge change and that change has so far been an immense success.

FASTag is incredibly automated and the entire process of toll collection at the plaza can be completed in just a few seconds. However, despite all the automation and RFID-led excellence that goes on, incorrect FASTag deductions can always creep in. To be fair, these errors are not because of the FASTag process but because the user has not managed their FASTag properly.

Regardless, if you have been seeing incorrect FASTag deductions and want to get to the end of it, here’s a blog on how you can report them and fix the issue.

Understanding FASTag Deduction History

Accessing your FASTag account: Users can access their FASTag account through the respective issuing bank’s website or dedicated mobile app. Logging in provides access to account details, including transaction history.

Reviewing your FASTag transaction history: Reviewing transaction history allows users to track toll payments, verify deductions, and identify any discrepancies or incorrect charges.

Identifying Incorrect FASTag Deductions

FASTag wrong deduction scenarios: Incorrect deductions can occur due to various reasons, such as technical glitches, system errors, or misinterpretation of vehicle classification.

FASTag deduction without travel: Users may notice deductions from their FASTag account despite not passing through a toll plaza, indicating potential errors or fraudulent charges.

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How to Report FASTag Wrong Deduction Complaints

Contacting your FASTag issuing bank or agency: Users should promptly report incorrect deductions to their FASTag issuing bank or agency. Contact information is usually available on the bank’s website or customer service channels.

Providing necessary information and documentation: When reporting a complaint, provide relevant details such as transaction IDs, date and time of incident, vehicle registration number, and any supporting documentation.

Following up on your complaint: Maintain communication with the issuing bank or agency to ensure prompt resolution of the complaint. Follow up regularly to inquire about the status of the investigation and any potential refunds.

Tracking Your FASTag Money Deducted and Refund Status

Monitoring your FASTag account for updates: Regularly monitor your FASTag account for updates on complaint resolution and refund processing.

Communicating with customer support for refund status: If a refund is applicable, contact customer support for updates on the refund status and expected timeline.

Preventing Wrong Deduction in FASTag: Best Practices

Ensuring your FASTag is properly installed and functional: Proper installation and functionality of the FASTag device can help minimize the risk of incorrect deductions.

Maintaining sufficient balance in your FASTag account: Ensure adequate balance in your FASTag account to cover toll charges and prevent overdrafts or insufficient funds.

Regularly reviewing your FASTag transaction history: Periodically review your transaction history to identify any discrepancies or unauthorized charges promptly.

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Navigating FASTag Transaction Disputes

Seeking assistance from toll plaza officials: If facing issues at toll plazas, seek assistance from toll plaza officials for immediate resolution or guidance.

Escalating unresolved issues to higher authorities: If complaints remain unresolved, escalate the matter to higher authorities within the issuing bank or regulatory agencies for further investigation and resolution.

How to manage Incorrect FASTag Deduction on the Airtel Thanks app?

It is completely normal if you have had an incorrect FASTag deduction from the Airtel Thanks app. However, you must report the deduction as swiftly as possible so that further corrective action can be taken. Here’s what you can do:

  • Open the Airtel Thanks bill payments app
  • Go to the FASTag section
  • Check all your transactions
  • If you see the incorrect transaction, take a screenshot and keep it handy
  • Next, go to the help tab of the Airtel Thanks app
  • Click on chat now
  • Inform the chatbot about your issue
  • You will soon receive help from Airtel’s side

Overall, with the benefits and ease of payment from FASTag, there can be times when wrongful deductions take place. Acting swiftly from your side will help you to stop such deductions from happening again.

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Recap of how to report incorrect FASTag deductions: Prompt reporting, thorough documentation, and regular follow-up are essential steps in addressing incorrect FASTag deductions.

The importance of vigilance in managing your FASTag account: By staying vigilant, proactive, and informed, users can effectively address discrepancies, ensure accurate toll payments, and maintain the integrity of their FASTag accounts.

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