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Electricity bill payments

Check your electricity bill online


Long ago, electricity bill payments were a real hassle. You had to physically go over to the electricity department of your town/village in order to pay the bills. Then, you had to wait in long queues, hand over the cash, get the receipt and make the return journey. This long-drawn process almost took an entire day. Hence, it was extremely inconvenient. Thankfully, that is not the case anymore. Over the couple of years, things have progressed considerably. With constant advancements in technology, paying electricity bills is now only a matter of a few minutes.

In this blog, we will help you understand how to check electricity bill status online. You will also have all the answers on how to check my electricity bill online.

Information required to check electricity bill

To check your electricity bill status, here is some information that you will need for a seamless electricity bill check:

  1. The name of the state in which the electricity was consumed
  2. The name of the biller (the name of the electricity supplying company)
  3. Your 11-digit customer ID

Note: Please remember that your customer ID is not the same as your consumer number.

Check electricity bill status

You can either use the Airtel website or the Airtel Thanks app to check the status or amount of your electricity bill.

Check Electricity Bill on Phone via Airtel Thanks App

  1. Download the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone
  2. After logging in to the app, go to the ‘Pay’ section of the Thanks app
  3. When you scroll down, you will come across the ‘Recharge and Pay Bills’ section
  4. Choose ‘Electricity’ option
  5. A drop-down list of various states and union territories will appear, so select accordingly
  6. Once you have chosen the state, you need to select the name of your biller
  7. Now, you need to enter your customer ID in the mentioned section
  8. Once you have entered the customer ID, select on Proceed. You will now be able to see the electricity bill for yourself.

Check Electricity Bill amount on Airtel Website

  1. Search ‘Airtel electricity bill payment’ on your browser
  2. Now the Airtel Payments Bank website will appear
  3. On the left side of the website, you will see the ‘Pay electricity bill’ section
  4. In this section, choose the state/union territory where the electricity bill payment has to be made
  5. Now choose the name of the biller
  6. Thereafter, enter your consumer number
  7. Then, click on Fetch Bill and you will be able to see the electricity bill amount

Check Electricity Bill Online

If you are thinking of how to check electricity bill amount from the official websites, then you can get that too. All you have to do is visit the actual website of your electricity provider and then enter your details from there. Do remember that these websites designs can differ, since each service provider has a different website. However, the overall method remains the same.

Now if you are looking to find ways on how to calculate electricity bill amount, find electricity bill payment history, and how to find consumer number in electricity bill, then you can find those on our blog section too.

The role of internet and smartphones

Just like everything else, the internet and smartphones have made electricity bill payments a swift process. Also, the cheap internet plans have enabled more and more people to use smartphones on a regular basis.

In addition, a steady growth of payment based apps, such as Airtel Thanks, have also made electricity bill payments easier for everyone. With Airtel Thanks, you can make cashless and instant bill payments of your electric bill. Therefore, no need to physically go and pay your monthly electric consumption bills!

If you are looking for ‘how to check your electricity bill online’ then, you have come to the right place. Keep on reading this blog and you will understand how easily you can perform an electricity bill check.

Airtel Thanks Benefits

Through these portals, checking your electricity bills is not the only thing that you can do. You can even pay your electricity bills from these platforms. In addition, making payments through the Airtel Thanks app also helps you to reap heavy rewards.

For example, for your first electricity bill recharge through Airtel Thanks, you get a 50% cashback of up to ₹40. How incredible is that!

Choose Airtel Thanks for all your utility bills

Not just electricity bills. You can choose the Airtel Thanks app to make all kinds of utility payments. Indeed, it is the one-stop shop that handles all your utility bills. Starting from prepaid or postpaid bills, DTH, broadband, FASTag recharge, LPG cylinder – you name it, and it is there.

You can also check your monthly utility expenses through this app. This way, you can stay aware of how much you are spending on each utility bill every month. Furthermore, you can use Airtel Thanks as a payments app as well.

With Airtel Thanks by your side, you need not depend on cash anymore. Perform transactions with your smartphone, by simply using the digital wallet. As a result, Airtel Thanks makes your life significantly easier. It encourages you to take part in the digital economy and pays all your utility bills, merely at the touch of a few buttons.

Download it today!

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